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the wheat thresher machine has small size and light weight,highly movable which is very suitable for home use,this kind of small home use wheat/rice thresher machine can be driven by electricity or diesel engine.this mini wheat thresher machine can not only thresh wheat,but also can thresh soybean,rice,rape seed,and sorghum,what is more, if you change a main working shaft(roller) the wheat threshing machine can also shell corn,absolutely which can called a multifunction.in the rice thresher machine there is one air fan which can blow the wheat brans and crumb in processing wheat.and the air flow can be adjusted thus can separating clean from the grain.the rice thresher machine is combined working with separate winnowing so that the grain, wheat bran, wheat straw would be separated and cleared at one time.excepet this wheat threshing machine,we also have corn thresher and corn peeling machine.

wheat threshing machine rice thresher machine

features of wheat threshing machine

1.the rice thresher machine has a reliable quality which has highlighted compact structure,sientific design,what is more,the machine is anti-acid,anti-rusted,and water-proofed,and easy movable,

2.the rice thresher has high adaptability which can thresh wheat with a little high moisture,also best for rice,corn, rape seed,and sorghum.threshing pure rate is high,breaking rate is very low,below 1%

3.the rice thresher can be driven by electicity motor,diesel engine motor for lacking of electicity and tractory for moving

4.the wheat thresher machine use and maintenance are very easy,with low energy consumption.

5.it is the ideal equipment for Academy of Sciences studied Millet and good helper for our farmers

wheat threshing equipment wheat thresher machine

data of wheat thresher machine



Capacity (kg/h)


Power (kw)


Overall Dimension (mm)


Overall Weight (kg)


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