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This almond cracker machine is mainly used to strip hard shells of different nut in various specification, such as almond, walnut, hazelnut, badam, pipe nut,apricot etc.almond cracking

The almond sheller machine is consist of feed hopper,  stripe roller,  shed bar,  fan,  gravity separator,electric motor ,frame and so on.  hazelnut breaker can break different size of shell by changing the space between rollers.Customers can adjust the clearance to get a better breaking performance, based on specific requirement.Our hazelnut cracker machine matched first-class processing shelling roller and vibrating screen, which can remove the hard shell by adjust the gap of the processing roller and then take off another specification.The almond breaker machine with low breakage rate ,which is the ideal nuclear processing equipment for users.The structure of almond sheller is simple and compact, easy operate, stable performance , the safety and the durability are good.

Features of hazelnut sheller machine

1.Continuous shelling working, direct shelling of the return material,  high degree of automation and clean production environment.

2.High shelling rate almond sheller machine,shelling rate can reach more than 96%.

3.High productivity,Low broken rate and low power consumption.

4.Most advanced designed hazelnut sheller machine, whichto make sure the raw material will be broken to remove the shell easily and not hurt the kernel.

5.Clean shell ,compact structure hazel nut breaker machine , easy operate and maintenance.

6.we are professional almond cracker machine supplier.

almond sheller machinehazelnut cracker machine

Technical Parameters of almond breaker machine















(can be made according to customer’s needs)

Applicationalmond, walnut, hazelnut, badam, pipe nut,apricot etc


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