1 ton poultry feed mixer machine price and 500 kg feed mixer

1 ton poultry feed mixer and 500kg feed mixer include many types of feed mixers: horizontal feed mixer, vertical feed mixer, and rotary drum mixer, horizontal mixer also known as screw belt mixer, which consists of U-shaped horizontal bucket . The capacity can be 100kg, 200kg, 300kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, you can choose according to your needs.

The agitator rotates in a U-shaped container with minimal wall clearance. Ribbon agitators consist of inner and outer ribbons that achieve countercurrent mass motion through random radial and axial motion: the outer ribbon moves the material in one direction, and the inner ribbon moves the material in the opposite direction. The strip rotates and moves the material radially and laterally to ensure thorough mixing in short cycle times.

1 Ton Feed Mixer

application of 1 ton poultry feed mixer machine

1.the 1 ton poultry feed mixer machine and 500kg feed mixer machine is suitable for mixing powder, granule, flake and miscellaneous materials in feed, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries; this feed mixer machine can be used for mixing livestock feed,cattle feed,pig feed,chicken feed,

2.this type 500kg feed mixer mixing time is 3~6 minutes, especially suitable for adding a large amount of liquid feed;

500 Kg Feed Mixer Price

3.The 1 ton poultry feed mixer machine is equipped with a grease pipe and a return air pipe, with an open structure, low residual amount, rapid unloading, reasonable overall structure, and convenient operation and maintenance;

4.an innovative generation of ribbon blade rotor structure, no mixed angle, cv≤5%, shaft The end and discharge doors use unique proven sealing technology to ensure no leakage.

1 Ton Poultry Feed Mixer

5. the 500kg feed mixer is equipped with standard national standard motor, domestic gear reducer, geared motor dose belt drive; suitable for occasions requiring rapid exhaust.

why do you need a feed mixer machine?

Feed mixers are used to mix feed ingredients and premixes to achieve an even distribution of essential ingredients and nutrients. The end result of this should be a feed mix in proportions that will provide the animal with a balanced nutrient input.

Effective mixing plays an important role in the feed production process, ensuring the correct distribution of ingredients and nutrients by preventing uneven mixing. The reason for this is that uneven mixing results in unbalanced nutritional value and substandard feed production.

technical data of feed mixer machine


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