2 tons and 3 tons rice mill price big rice mill price list

The 2 tons rice mill is a kind of conprehensive equipment for rice processing. rice goes into machine through vibrating screen and magnet unit, and then forward under rubber-roller for hulling. winnowing and air-blowing to husk. The 2 tons rice mill machine may complete all the processing works from cleaning grain, rice husking in hulling to rice husking in succession. As to husk, chaff, blighted grain as well as polished rice, they are all pushed out of the 2 tons rice mill machine seperately.

We are a professional and client friendly big rice mill machine manufacture. We cater to all scales of business from household to industrial sized operations.We also provide the wheat and rice thresher, corn Sheller, wheat and rice reaper and combine harvester. The 2 tons rice mill machine feature energy saving, environmentally friendly, high efficiency, and is the ideal option for you.

2 Tons Rice Mill Price

I. Structure: of 2 ton rice mill and 3 ton rice mill

This 2 tons rice mill machine is mainly composed of four parts including rice machine, pulverizer,motor and frame The 2 tons rice mill machine is composed of 2 tons rice mill machine cover, middle seat, rice roller, ricesieve, huller blade, feeder, separator, gravity
sieve separator,belt wheel and adjusting device; The pulverizer is composed of body shell, feed hopper and discharge hopper.

II. Usage: of 2 ton rice mill and 3 ton rice mill

The milling part of the big rice mill machine can process unhusked rice into rice in one lot and simultaneously finish the separation of rice,bran and broken rice in one lot. The pulverizer can be used to pulverize unhusked rice, corn, sorghum, beans, potato and stem, and so on.

III. Performance: of 2 ton rice mill and 3 ton rice mill

This big rice mill machine has many advantages, such as reasonable structure, compact model,
simple operation, convenient repairing,fast milled rice rate, less power consumption, safety, reliability etc.

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