300kg fish feed production line floating fish pellet line

floating fish feed production line capacity

except 300kg floating fish feed pellet production line,we have fish feed pellet production line with capacity 100kg per hour,200kg per hour,400kg per hour,500kg per hour 1000kg per hour till to 5000kg per hour.

300 Kg Floating Fish Feed Production Line

Nutrients required for fish farming

The daily intake of fish is very low, and the fish feed must contain abundant and comprehensive nutrients to provide the fish with sufficient nutrients. Therefore, it is necessary to diversify the proportion of particles in the fish bait. Fish food must contain protein. Protein is an important nutritional component of fish tissues and organs. Inadequate intake of protein in fish slows growth and makes you more susceptible to illness. Fats and vitamins improve the immunity of fish. In addition, it must contain the proper amount of mineral elements.

Ingredients for making floating fish food

Ingredients: Wheat bran, fish meal, soybean sugar, barley, rice bran, oil residue, salt, additives, bone meal, vitamins, trace elements, etc. The choice of raw materials is flexible and balanced. The type of fish, raw material type and supply channel, raw material cost and nutritional value will all affect the choice of raw material.

Fish Feed Production Line

300kg floating fish feed pellet production line advantages

Productivity: The manufacturing process is easy to operate with continuous, automatic, quick start and emergency stop functions. The new screw features fast self-cleaning, quick and easy changeover, easy cleaning and maintenance.

Cost-effective: Strengthen the high-temperature and short-time conversion process to save raw materials, energy and water. It is easy to maintain, has a hygienic and compact design with a small footprint.

Expert Group: Specially designed by professional engineers, highly automated to ensure precise process control and easy reproduction of product quality.

Flexibility: supports product innovation, processing different pellets, different sizes, shapes and fillers using different raw materials (optional co-extrusion accessories). Suitable for the production of various livestock feeds using a wide range of products.

Working Process of Floating Fish Feed Production Line

Fish Feed Pelletizer Machine

◇ Technological procedure:
Starting Materials → mixing → transferring → extrusion puffing → transferring → drying → cooling → screening → spraying oil → seasoning → packaging
◇ Equipment configuration
Mixer → transfer unit → extruder → elevator → dryer → cooler → vibrating screen → elevator → oil spraying machine → automatic packaging machine

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