advantages pelleted feed and disadvantages of pellet feed

With the same ingredients, pelleted feeds feeding horses has very similar nutritional benefits. Pelleted feeds have some advantages of easier handling in cold weather, with less tendency to mold in hot weather, and better digestibility because the grains are slightly cooked by the high temperature in the process of pelleting. what is more,because they are not sticky, the pellets don’t leave as much residue in bins and stall feeders.

1.Homogeneity of nutrients
balance of nutrients and substances is guaranteed in each individual pellets by the principle of “all the ingredients in each pellet”. because of the uniformity and homogeneity of pellets every component of the feed is consummated, which is a common problem when feed is mixed manually.

2.Health, safety and purity
Thermal treatment of ingredients reduces the content of undesirable microorganisms and their toxins in feed along with their adverse effect on the body of horses that can manifest itself in terms of weakening the immune system, allergic reactions of varying intensity, the development of tumors etc.

Pig Feed Ingredients

3.Easy handling and storage 
Pelleted feed takes up less space, and feed wastage and dusting are reduced.Extended product life and the preservation of nutrients,Moderate changes in temperature have no influence on the composition, structure and flavor of pelleted feed.

4.High digestibility
Characteristics for horses feeding with manually mixed feed is that in their feces granular feed ingredients can be found. Mechanical and thermal processing of ingredients in pelleted feed improves the nutritional value and digestibility of nutrients

actually,farm owners have a lot of varieties of feed forms and formulations available in any feed store. To aid in choosing the right feed product for each horse, feeding instructions are included with each type of feed product. Feeds no matter for idle, working, growing, or retired horses can be found, each with directions as to how much to give a poultry to meet poultry nutrient requirements,no matter horse,chicken,duck,sheep,or cattle.

Cattle Feed Formulation

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