Application of color sorting machine in rice milling plant

The color sorting machine inspect rice by means of digital cameras and remove contaminants by a short burst of compressed air by using the colour difference. This machine has been successfully used in the rice milling industry for long time.The color sorting machine are used in the rice sorting cleaning to remove yellow rice ,black rice and other discolored rice and other inner contaminants. Today’s advanced color sorting machine are robust, compact,requires less maintenance and consumes very little energy. The color sorting has come of age and should be considered for inclusion in any modern rice milling plant.

Color Sorting Machine

Compared with handpicking, color sorters not only save labor and time for rice processing enterprises, which also provide high efficiency and lower processing cost, and improve the white rice quality, economic benefits and social benefits of products sorted, but also help enterprises build an image of high quality and create their own brands. Also, it is necessary for rice milling factory to introduce high-quality color sorters in order to avoid being eliminated in the international competition.

Grain Color Sorting Machine
Rice Color Sorting Machine

The color sorting machine with following advantage

1.Quality -This machine have revolution quality in Food products. Manufacturers can easily monitor the quality of the products and easily launch those in the market.

2.Control -Manufacturers can easily decide and change the extent of color and texture difference to reject. This gives them an added control over the products, for example sorting the item into multiple categories.

3.Capacity -The machine is automated and doesn’t retard the quality check speed. In-fact it speeds-up the overall quality assurance process by removing human effects such as fatigue and strike.

4.Labour – Automated machines reduce labour cost and management issues. Also it shortens the accepted error margin to a large extent which mainly comprises human errors.

Working video of color sorting machine

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