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As the cattle industry has grown at an increasing rate in recent years, traditional feeds have become inadequate to meet feed needs. Farmers are beginning to look for another feed product that is healthier, more nutritious, easier to digest, and easier to store and transport – pelleted feed.

The raw materials used to make pellet feed are grass meal, straw meal, vitamins, hay meal, corn meal, etc. These ingredients are easily available and are green ingredients for cattle. You can also use these ingredients to make chicken feed, pig feed, cattle feed, fish feed or other animal formulations so that you can get pellet feed for all poultry, livestock and aquatic animals.

features of cattle feed plant

1. The entire cattle feed plant design is customizable. For different materials, your specific requirements or your budget, we can add or remove some machines.

2. The cattle feed plant has a wide range of capacities. It has a capacity range from 1 ton/hour to 20 tons/hour. If you have a larger production requirement, we can also manufacture it for you.

3. PLC control. All the above processes will be controlled and monitored by our advanced computer control system.

4. The final pellets are smooth and free from harmful organisms to improve animal production performance.

5. Strong technical support. We have our own factory to design and manufacture the equipment for this project, and we will send our engineers to the user’s local area for installation, commissioning trial run and training to ensure the normal operation of the animal feed production line.

6. The cattle feed production plant has reasonable process flow, high capacity and low energy consumption. The annual output of powder and pellet feed is 1000-3000 tons/class.

7. Modular structure: cattle feed production plant has compact structure, small footprint, low requirement for crushing tower and low civil construction investment. Containerized modular structure, easy to disassemble, easy to transport and install.

8. Centralized control. Adopt analog panel. Interlocking safety for each machine, with alarm device. Simple and convenient to operate.

9, wide range of applications: cattle feed plant machinery can produce both livestock feed and fish feed, suitable for small and medium-sized feed mills and farms.

cattle feed manufacturing process

cattle feed plant is a complete set of machinery includes feed crusher machine,feed mixer machine,feed ring die pellet mill,feed cooler machine, and feed package macine.

Cattle Feed Plant Machinery

◊ feed crusher machine

Crushing equipment is added to this combination. This combination of cattle feed plant machinery is more suitable for users who need to crush raw materials. Animal feed pellets are finely processed materials. Different animals need to be matched with different sizes of feed pellets. Making cattle feed, pig feed, sheep feed is suitable for 6-8 mm raw materials, and 3-5 mm raw materials are suitable for making feed for chickens, rabbits, birds, fish and animal youngsters. The size of the feed pellets depends on the size of the die hole of the pelletizer. Therefore, before entering the feed pelletizer, it is better to crush the raw material to the right size

Cattle Feed Plant For Sale

◊ feed mixer machine

A proper blend can be defined in terms of a unit called the coefficient of variation. The smaller the coefficient of variation, the higher the quality of the mix. The quality of our well-designed mixers is very good. Besides that, the mixer should have the ability to mix liquids as we need to add oil or molasses to the feed. High mixing uniformity, CV≤5%, no bias; cattle feed plant machinery mixing process is soft, variable loading range; full bottom electric open discharge, fast discharge speed, low residual rate; set return air duct, no dust leakage, fully comply with environmental protection requirements

Cattle Feed Plant Manufacturer

◊ feed pellet machine

The cattle feed plant machinery of this dairy feed mill is a ring die pelletizer with high precision gears and a quick release ring hoop type ring die for higher output. The pelletizer has a low stress, smooth spindle drive, long shaft life and low noise. It can be equipped with uninterrupted refueling system. The octagonal counter-flow cooler vibrates out the material (the diameter of shot pellets is 1.5-12mm), which has the advantages of no leakage, no blockage, even cooling and beautiful and smooth shot pellets. Adopting rotary grading sieve, simple structure, less trouble, no need of refueling, low noise.

Cow Feed Plant For Sale

◊ feed crumbler machine

Three roll structure, work balance continuous, finished product size uniform, high crushing efficiency. Less return grading, high finished product rate, and low consumption after adding feeder.

Cattle Feed Plant Machinery For Sale

◊ Counter flow cooler machine

SKLN series counter-flow cooler adopts advanced counter-flow cooling principle and is equipped with reciprocating grate device, featuring smooth material flow and uniform discharge. The octagonal cooling bin eliminates the dead angle of cooling and is conducive to the cooling treatment of materials.

Cattle Feed Plant Machinery Manufacturer

◊ Screener machine

Fault less, less maintenance, simple operation, gear box using gearless transmission, oil-free lubrication, to avoid oil leakage pollution oil, tail sliding support into elastic support, to avoid material deposition, to avoid cross-contamination

Low Cost Cattle Feed Plant

◊ feed package machine

This process is the final step to pack the feed pellets into bags for storage and transportation. The packing operation is fully automated and includes weighing, stitching and packaging.

Cattle Feed Machinery Equipment

cattle feed plant layout

Cattle Feed Plant Layout Drawing

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