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If you have a large amount of raw materials, we recommend purchasing a chicken feed pellet mill to process agricultural waste or wood chips into feed pellets for heating for cooking or making your own animal feed pellets; or if you own a large farm with a large amount of agricultural waste to dispose of; or if you are a farmer who raises animals such as chickens, ducks, sheep, cattle or pigs, this chicken feed pellet mill can feature a special chicken feed pellet mill design with a running die and a fixed drum.

The advantages of this design are low power consumption and high efficiency in making pellet feed. This portable poultry feed pellet mill can process corn, soybean residue, straw, grass and rice husk powder into pellet form. You simply place the chicken feed pellet mill on a flat surface, put the raw material into the feed inlet, and then press the raw material into the die hole by the friction between the die and the drum. When making pellet feed, the gap between the die and the drum is usually 0.1-0.3 mm.

The length of the feed pellets can be adjusted by the cutter. You can change the flat die to make feed pellets with different diameter die holes. After a period of use, you can transfer the pellet die to the oven to continue working.

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Applications of  Chicken Feed Pellet Mill

This chicken feed pellet mill can be used to make feed pellets, fuel pellets and animal bedding pellets at home, on the farm or in a small chicken feed pellet mill. As shown, fuel pellets can be used for home cooking and heating; feed pellets are used for animal feeding.

Feed pellets
Starting material: Straw, hay, alfalfa, and other feed stuff (chopped)
Usage: As animal feed, animal bedding
Mixture: directly mixed (moisture content:12-15%)
Fertilizer pellets
Starting material: Manure, straw/hay (chopped)
Usage: As fertilizer
Mixture: approximately equal proportion (total moisture content: 12-15%)

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What to Do Before Starting Chicken Feed Pellet Mill?

A. Location
1. Place the chicken feed pellet machine at a  safe and dry place.
2. Do not operate the chicken feed pellet mill at a temperature of below 10 degree celsius.
3. Make sure all bolts and nuts are securely tightened before operation.

B. Test Run
Before you start producing pellets, it is important to polish the mold so that it is smooth. To do this, you need to prepare 5 kg of flour, 5 kg of fine sand and 1.5 liters of vegetable oil, then mix these ingredients into a bucket. Next, start the chicken feed pellet mill and put the right amount of the mixture into the feed pelletizer and let them pass through the die holes. You should repeat this process for 40-60 minutes.

C. Before first run, adopt grease to lubricate all bearings. The operator needs to do this once at lease every 10 hours.

D. Set the pressure for the roller wheels. To do this, just drag the die and find whether it can rotate under the rollers. The gap between rollers and die should be controlled within 0.1-0.3mm.

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