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A large commercial pellet mill is usually a ring pattern feed pelletizer due to its large capacity. It is usually used for industrial or commercial purposes, for example, investors who want to make pellets for sale or need large quantities will choose ring pattern pelletizers, commercial feed pelletizers are ring pattern poultry feed machinery.

It is widely used in the pelletizing industry and in large pellet lines for industrial use. Commercial pellet mill for feed are wide cylindrical in shape with vertical dies. They are not as common as flat die pelletizers due to their high cost and large size. Ring die pelletizers are commonly used in pelletizing operations and other commercial applications. As with industrial sawdust pellet mills, our commercial feed pellet mills are known for their high quality, high capacity, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and stable operation.

Commercial Pellet Mill For Sale Price

Application Raw Materials For Commercial Pellet Mill

1) Cereals:soybean, soybean meal , maize,corn, corn flour , grain,sorghum,wheat flour etc;

2) Coarse fiber: crop stalks (corn stalk, sorghum stalk, cotton stalk, rape stalk, peanut seedling, sunflower stalk), chaff, grass, grass meal, alfalfa, wheat bran, rice husk, grass, groundnut shell, cotton seed shell etc;

3) Additives: molasses, vegetable oil, Amino acid, bone meal, vitamin,etc;

Generally, the raw materials for ring die pellet making machine are cereals(100%) or cereals(60-80%) and coarse fiber(20-40%).

Why Pelleted Feed Good for Poultry?

Pelletizing is a key process to the production of high quality poultry feeds as it ensures that the feed formulation with rich nutrition and in the correct quantities for poultry. Each bite of a pellet made by our ring die poultry feed pellet machine will have the same quality to improve the animal performance.
★ Improved animal performance
★ Decreased feed wastage
★ Reduced selective feeding
★ Destruction of deleterious organisms

Commercial Feed Pellet Mill Machine

Features of Commercial Feed Pellet Mill

1. Using aerodynamic technology, the temperature in the pelletizing chamber of the commercial pellet mill is controlled at 90°C, allowing the machine to run continuously.

2. There is a timed feeder to control the feed volume and reduce clogging of the material. The body of the ring die pelletizer is made of ductile iron, making it more durable than many other suppliers’ bodies.

3. It is driven by high precision gears. The user does not need to stop to lubricate the pelletizer. These commercial pelletizers are controlled by a PLC system for easy operation and labor cost savings. Power consumption is 30% lower than other manufacturers’ products.

4. All transmission parts of the commercial pellet mill pelletizer are made of high quality imported bearings and oil seals to ensure efficient, smooth and low noise transmission.

Commercial Pellet Mill

Working Principle of Commercial Feed Pellet Mill

The material is placed into the screw feeder where the feed rate can be easily adjusted and the proper material flow rate obtained. After that, the material enters the conditioner of the commercial pellet mill, where hot steam provides good conditioning. Then, the material temperature is kept around 64-85°C and the moisture is between 14-16%, and then it enters the compaction chamber. In the compaction chamber, the material is naturally compressed into granular form through the die holes under high pressure from the drum.

Commercial Pellet Mill For Sale Price

Specification of Commercial Pellet Mill For Sale




Feeding power

Conditioner power

die inner diameter

Pellet  Diameter

HMK-2500.5–1 t/h22kw

0.55 kw

2.2 kw

250 mm

HMK-3202–3 t/h37 kw0.75 kw2.2 kw320 mm1.5–8mm
HMK-3503–4 t/h55 kw0.75 kw2.2 kw350 mm1.5–8mm
HMK-4004–5 t/h75 kw1.5 kw2.2 kw400 mm1.5–8mm
HMK-4205–7 t/h90 kw1.5 kw5.5 kw420 mm1.5–8mm

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