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Crushing of raw materials for making fish feed is the key stage. The crushing process expands the surface area of the raw material, which helps to increase the solubility of the feed in the digestive juices and promotes digestion by the animal. At the same time, the particle size of the material will greatly affect the quality and complexity of the later processing stages (e.g. pelleting).

Since the crushing process accounts for 50-70% of the total energy consumption of the compound meal, the crushing efficiency largely determines the production costs. Investors use it as an important factor to measure production costs, fish feed quality and feed price.

Our chicken feed and cattle feed pellet corn crushers are capable of crushing all granular animal feed materials such as corn, sorghum, grains, beans, crushed cakes and other materials. The cattle feed and chicken feed corn crusher is specially designed for finely crushing cellulosic materials, as well as materials containing waste and high oil content. It is an irreplaceable fish feed processing equipment for making floating fish feed, sinking fish feed and pet feed process.

Corn Grinder For Chicken Feed

1. The raw material enters the crushing chamber through the feed hopper and stays in the crushing chamber until it is reduced to the size of the screen holes and the oscillating hammers rotate rapidly and approach the porous screen.

2. The crushed material is driven by the airflow and moves along the outer edge of the rotor, constantly colliding and rubbing against the hammers, tooth plates and screen plates. Once the particle size is lower than the diameter of the sieve plate, the incoming powder passes through the sieve plate.

3. The incoming particles are discharged to the fan and the product is sent to the storage bag by the cyclone under the suction of the working fan.

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