dry type fish feed machine diesel engine fish feed extruder

Using dry diesel engine fish feed extruder machine, can be processed into a variety of cereals, fish, catfish, shrimp, crab and other high-grade aquatic feed pellets. The finished pellets made by fish feed puffing machine have unique shape, good taste and balanced nutrition. It can be driven by electric motor and diesel engine. When driven by diesel engine, the diesel engine is electrically started, which can save energy.

In recent years, pellet fish feed has been widely used for fish rearing, which has brought good economic benefits to fish farmers. However, fish feed is the main expense of fish farmers. In order to reduce the cost, homemade fish feed pellets have been the focus of fish farmers’ attention. If you want to make your own fish feed pellets, our dry diesel engine fish feed extruder machine, diesel engine floating fish feed pellet production expert , is a wise choice.

The diesel engine fish feed machine can produce high quality floating fish feed without steam conditioning of raw materials. The pellet feed can be used for raising ornamental fish, carp, goldfish, tropical fish, prawns, bullfrogs, mink, moray eels, etc. This dry diesel engine fish feed extruder machine is ideal for small and medium-sized feed processing plants and aquaculture farms.

Diesel Engine Fish Feed Extruder

features and advantages of diesel engine fish feed extruder

1. The raw material is good to find, corn flour 50%, wheat medium flour 40%, soybean meal 3%, rice flour 5%, meat 2%.

2. the output particles can float on the water surface for 12 hours without sinking or scattering not sink or scatter, keep the water clear and pollution-free

3. The pellet feed after high temperature puffing can kill E. coli, Salmonella, etc., which not only makes the fish eat healthy food, but also makes the fish easy to eat and digest, thus making them grow fast.

4. It can be made into different sizes from 1mm-12mm, which can be fed from small fish to big fish

5. Motor and diesel fuel can be used according to your requirements

6. the diesel engine fish feed extruder is easy to operate and learn, powder can use electric motor and diesel fuel

7. We have semi-automatic and automatic, from 50kg/h-8T/h output for your choice.

Diesel Engine Fish Feed Pellet Machine For Sale

final pellets produced by dry type fish feed extruder

1. Storage. It can be stored in a cool, dry place with a cover for two to three months.

2. Sanitation. The expansion process eliminates most bacteria. The low moisture content (about 10%) prevents the growth of bacteria.

3. Nutrition. Animal and vegetable proteins, fish oil or other fats, vitamin complexes and minerals needed by specific fish species can be added. It is nutritious and can effectively improve fish health.

4. Environmental impact. The use of appropriate particle size and density of pellet feed can reduce the loss rate and greatly reduce the pollution of the environment by feed residues.

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