diesel feed pellet machine for Australia, South Africa, India

1.Convenient to work nearby farm

The pelletizing process has become so much easier with diesel flat die pellet mill. Back in the 1970s, diesel feed pellet machine were mainly used to produce animal feed, however, over time, as pelletizers were used to process not only animal feed but also wood chip pellets, people began to make better use of the mills Can be used as a fuel for home heating. Overall, biomass fuels are being taken more seriously than ever before. You will find that most small pellet producers tend to prefer diesel pellet mills.

2. More cost-effective

The price of a diesel feed pellet machine is not astronomical. In fact, many homeowners can now afford a nice diesel feed pellet machine. The use of pelletizers on a small scale is on the rise. One thing you need to do is to buy a machine from a reputable company. This will ensure that you get the best machine possible. This will also ensure that you do not get ripped off. You can purchase a machine that will completely meet all your needs for pellets. We will fulfill all of your imagination for a disel feed pellet mill.

Diesel Feed Pellet Machine For Sale

Advantages of Diesel Feed Pellet Machine

1. Diesel engine driven.

2. The roller and mold are made of alloy metal precision material, which makes this core part wear-resistant and not easy to be damaged.

3. Materials are easily available: corn, wheat, soybean, grass, alfalfa, rice straw, rice husk, etc. It can be made into pellet feed for chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigs and other poultry and livestock.

4. By changing the mould, one diesel feed pellet machine can make feed pellets of different diameters. Pelletizing does not need heating or applying steam. No need to add any binder, paste feed can be processed directly into pellets.

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