difference between fish feed extruder of dry and wet type

Floating fish pellet mill is used to produce grain into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimp, crab, etc. With corn, soybean, soybean cake) animal scraps as raw material, it can produce various kinds of feed pellets with novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition and delicate texture. It is suitable for professional breeders, small and medium-sized feed factories and scientific research institutions.

The puffed feed pellets produced using this fish ball machine are neatly formed and smooth, float for more than 12 hours without sinking and polluting the water, sterilize and disinfect, and reduce fish diseases. In order to have higher profit margins, feed producers and farmers have been seeking more cost-effective equipment. In recent years, fish ball machines have been used in many aquaculture and feed mills around the world. For example, with the rapid growth of fish farms in Indonesia, the commercial fishmeal industry has become increasingly prosperous.

Modernization of fishmeal equipment and adaptation of production technologies are necessary and urgent to improve the quantity and quality of exports and remain competitive in regional trade. Another major aquaculture country is Nigeria, where floating fish feed production is a profitable business due to the support of its government and the abundance of local raw materials. As a result, the number of people using floating fish pellet mills has been increasing.

Raw Materials for fish pellet machine

The raw material can be different kinds of grain flour (corn meal, flour, corn starch, rice bran,), meat meal, bone meal, fish meal, soybean meal, which should be 60-80 mesh and contain 20-25% before feeding the raw material into the pellet mill.

Pellet Extruder For Fish Feed

what is the difference between dry type and wet type

1. Dry floating fish pellet machine does not need steam boiler, so dry fish pellet machine is cheaper and easier to use and operate.

2. Compared with the dry type puffing machine, the feed pellets made by the wet type floating fish feed pellet machine are smoother and of better quality because the materials are matured and mixed well in the conditioner.

3. The capacity of dry floating fish feed pellet mill is lower than wet fish feed pellet mill, so dry fish feed pellet mill is usually better and more economical for small and medium-sized users or factories.

Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine

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