why small scale farmers producing their own feed pellets

Good news is that it is not really so hard to produce your own feeds. producing your own feed does take space. Since some homesteaders do keep cattle and often keep horses as well, we’ll start with producing feed for the largest of the common homestead livestock animals.

Then how to produce your own feed?
1. Select a suitable site where you plan to manufacture the feeds. Choose a place where there will be no problems on transporting raw materials. Ensure too that there is a good supply of water and power.
2.Purchase the manufacturing equipment–a pellet mill,
3.Find out what ingredient and nutrition is best for your animals growing
4.Hire workers to help you in the manufacturing process. Actually if you dont need to produce much quantity,you can work on it by yourself

Cattle Feed Ingredients

5.Be sure that vitamins, bran, maize and grains meet your animals need and balance
6.Grind the ingredients such as corn and bran, using a grinding machine.
7.Mix the resulting powder mixture with liquid ingredients such as oils, molasses and fats, using a concrete mixer or manually.
8.Use a pellet machine to turn the raw materials into pellets. Feeds that are in form of pellets can be easily handled and are not too dusty.

How To Make Cattle Feed

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