feed mixing machine for sale horizontal type for animal feed

Feed mixing machine is a key part of feed production line and directly affects the quality of pellet feed. The purpose of feed mixers is to mix various raw material powders well and sometimes liquid addition equipment is used to add liquid nutrients for better mixing. After a high degree of mixing, these materials are ready to be used to produce high quality feed pellets. Our specially customized mixers are very popular in the market.

Feed Mixing Machine Price

Feed Mixing Machine Features

1、It is suitable for mixing various powdery materials or mixing powdery materials with liquid. The feed mixer is specially used to mix raw materials and make granular feed.
2、Under the feasibility factor, the size and density of the particles do not affect the mixing effect, and there is still a good mixing effect for sticky materials.
3、The horizontal mixing process reduces the damage to fragile materials.
4、This single shaft feed mixing machine is connected by two layers of strips to mix materials in different directions. The materials can be fully mixed and the mixing uniformity is to be improved.

Feed Mixing Machine Price For Sale

5、The latest rotor structure is adopted. The gap between the rotor and the casing can be adjusted to almost zero, which can effectively reduce the residual material.
6、The overall structure is more reasonable, beautiful appearance, simple operation and easy maintenance.
7、The belt feed mixing machine has compact structure, small footprint, wear-resisting, low energy consumption, long service life, etc. It is your best choice.
8、It is suitable for mixing raw materials of feed pellet factory, chemical factory, etc.

Feed Mixing Machine For Sale Price

Operation and Maintenance of Feed Mixing Machine

♦ After the feed mixign machine starts, check its running direction in time to avoid reversal.
Don’t make the load of the mixer exceed the effective volume.
♦ After 15 days of first use, drain the lubricating oil and clean the oil tank; replace the lubricating oil in the reducer every three months and inject lubricating grease into the bearing every two months.
♦ The feed mixing machine needs minor repair after 1800 hours of normal operation, mainly checking lubrication points or replacing wearing parts; major repair is needed after 4000 hours of normal operation, mainly disassembling and checking, cleaning all parts, replacing or correcting all wearing parts and standard parts.

Diesel Engine Feed Mixing Machine

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