poultry feed processing machine price for chicken feed pellet

model 210 animal feed processing machine is a medium capacity feed machine with a capacity 200-400kg/h with simple structure and light weight, so it is very easy to operate and high movability to make feed pellet.feed processing machine is divided into ring die pellet machine and flat die pellet machine.According to usage can be divided into: small household pellet machine, poultry feed processing machine, cattle feed processing machine, pig feed processing machine,and chicken feed processing machine;

Mini Feed Pellet Equipment

According to production can be divided into: straw pellet machine, feed pellet machine wheat bran, soybean meal feed processing machine, corn stalk pellet machine, wood pellet mill. A variety of feed pellet mill, in appearance and is different from the classification of production.animal feed processing machine is widely used in small, medium and large aquaculture, grain feed processing plants, livestock farms, fish farms to make fish feed pellet ,but this type is making sinking type fish pellets,we have two type of fish feed machine and fish feed extruder machine for making floating fish feed pellets

Mini Pellet Machine

Specification of feed processing machine

Model:VTKLP 210
Power:7.5kw three phases
power type:electricity,diesel engine or petrol engine
final pellets size:2-8mm
die diameter:210mm
Shaft speed:370r/min
raw materials:grains powder,manure,straw meal,alfalfa,rice husk,grass meal,sunflower,etc
raw materials moisture required:12-15%

Fish Feed Pellet Equipment

Features of chicken feed processing machine

* this animal feed processing machine adopted quenched flat die and roller
* this feed processing machine has life time increased by 3–5times
* Final pellet is highly strong and smooth
* Simple structure, small area coverage, easy operation and maintenance.
* Low consumption, competitive price and cost saving.
* Electric feed flat die pellet mill can process various kinds of solid grain into small
feed pellets for animals like fish, shrimps, chicken, rabbit, pig, etc.

Poultry Feed Pellet Machine Price

application of feed processing machine

* Suitable for processing various kinds of solid grain  into small feed pellets for animals like cattle, cow, chicken, rabbit, pig, etc.
* Suitable for making bedding pellets for animal stalls from cardboard.
* Also suitable for processing biomass material and many other agro wastes into wood pellets for green fuel.

video of feed processing machine

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