floating fish feed drying machine drying fish feed pellet

Fish feed drying machine are usually used in combination with fish feed coolers. Our fish feed dryers are made of stainless steel and are high-tech dryers. The finished fish feed pellets are conveyed from the fish feed machine to the fish feed pellet dryer and then on a mesh belt made of stainless steel.

Talking about the mesh belt, it is multi-layer structure and can be moved, which makes our dryer dry fast and efficient, so the floating fish feed dryer is also called mesh fish feed dryer. Floating fish feed drying gmachine is widely used in fish feed factory, pet food factory, poultry feed factory, etc. It is especially suitable for drying granular materials and pellet materials.

Fish Feed Pellet Dryer Machine

Working principle of Fish Feed drying machine

The feed pellet drying machine is composed of several independent units. Each unit consists of a circulation fan, heating unit, fresh air intake and exhaust system. The repetitive conveyor belt is made of stainless steel wire mesh or perforated stainless steel plates and is driven by an electric motor through a gear box. The hot air temperature and circulation volume can be intelligently controlled.

The material on the conveyor belt passes through the channels and is heated by the hot air, thus reducing the moisture. The fish feed drying machine consists of several independent units. Each unit consists of a circulation fan, a heating unit and a fresh air intake and discharge system. The hot air temperature and the amount of circulation can be intelligently controlled.

Floating Fish Feed Dryer For Sale

There are circulation fans, heating units, fresh air intake systems and exhaust gas systems. The operator can independently control the operating parameters such as temperature, humidity and exhaust gas recirculation rate, thus ensuring the reliability of the fish feed drying machine and the optimization of the operating conditions. The mesh belt fish feed dryer has good safety and operational flexibility.

The drying process is carried out in a completely sealed box, effectively avoiding dust leakage. The wet material is spread evenly on a mesh belt, which is driven by a drive inside the fish feed drying machine. From bottom to top, hot air flows through the mesh belt and the fish feed pellets flow on the belt. During the drying process, the heat exchange is sufficient and uniform, and the drying efficiency is very high.

Floating Fish Feed Dryer Machine Price

The mesh belt is made of 12-60 mesh stainless steel wire mesh and is driven by a drive unit to move inside the fish feed drying machine. The drying section consists of several units with independent circulation of hot air in each unit. Part of the exhaust air is discharged by a special exhaust fan, and the amount of exhaust air in each unit is controlled by a regulating valve. In the upper circulation unit, air from the circulation fan enters the lower chamber of the unit from the side ducts and the airflow is heated upwards by a heat exchanger and distributed by a distributor.

Catfish Fish Feed Dryer Machine

The jet is blown towards the mesh belt and passes through the material into the upper chamber. The drying process is a hot air flow through the material layer to complete the heat and mass transfer process. The upper chamber is connected to the fan inlet through the air duct, most of the gas fluid circulation, part of the gas with lower temperature and water content through the exhaust pipe as exhaust gas, regulating valve and diving fan.

Fish Feed Pellet Dryer Machine Price

In the lower circulating unit, the wind from the circulating fan first enters the upper chamber, heated downward by the heat exchanger, and enters the lower chamber through the material layer. The side of the lower chamber is connected to the fan inlet and return air ducts, and most of the gas is circulated and discharged. The upper and lower circulating units can be flexibly configured according to the needs of users, and the number of units can also be selected according to the needs.

specifications of fish feed drying machine

Mesh Belt Power(kw)Fan Power(kw)Number of layersWeight

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