Homemade organic pelleted feed for your poultry and animal

Raising your own chicken can get benefit through selling organic eggs and meat in the market,but the raising cost is also increasing,the key problem is that to get organic feed for your poultry, maybe you will order the feed online or buy from a feed shop, but it may still a big cost for you.Only this one problem without doubt increases your cost except others like poultry shelter, drinking device,medicine,and so on.
So some homesteaders generally have to constantly look for ways to save money.to make their own homemade organic pelleted feed

And You won’t need to worry too much about the proper balance of ingredients,because you can control it and balance the nutrition and because the feed will be a supplement to their diet rather than a primary component of it.
Obviously if you are going to make your own homemade organic chicken feed you will want to use all organic ingredients. Soybean has a high concentration of phyto-estrogen and this is of concern to some people. Fish meal can have a high level of mercury and that is something you want to watch as well. There are so many good ingredients that can be added to homemade chicken feed there is no reason to buy questionable things.

How To Make Rabbit Feed

You should be able to find all of the following ingredients in an organic variety.
Homemade organic Poultry Feed Mixture
– corn powder
– wheat powder
– rice husk
– grass meal
– oat groats
– sunflower seeds meals
– peanuts meals
– wheat bran
– fish bone powder
– also some vitamins
– some oil cakes
– alfalfa meals
Mix the feed by mixer machine to ensure they are mixed accurately then using a feed pellet mill to turn them into small size organic pelleted feed the big benefit of homemade organic pelleted feed is that it is often more fresh than that you buy in a shop, and retaining much of the nutrients.

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