horizontal livestock feed mixer for sale for South Africa

In May this year, we exported and delivered horizontal livestock feed mixermachine and feed grinder to South Africa, equipped with screw conveyor and feed pellet mill, which can form a small feed production plant, it can process poultry feed pellets, cattle feed, chicken feed, pig feed, etc. This livestock feed mixer machine is horizontal spiral belt type, which has higher accurate mixing rate than vertical feed mixer.

The single-shaft twin-screw livestock feed mixer is horizontal and intermittent, with special rotor structure and high mixing degree. The gap between the rotor and the main body shell can be adjusted. There is a wide door or full door at the bottom, which is convenient for pouring materials. Both ends of the machine are designed with double layers to avoid material discharge. The discharge port is controlled by pneumatic (electric or manual) to make the action more accurate and better sealing performance. In addition, the oil pipe is installed inside the machine, and the overall structure is reasonable and beautiful, which is good for the operation and maintenance of the machine.

Livestock Feed Mixer Machine For Sale

livestock feed mixer grinder machine export to South Africa

this type feed grinder application

The animal feed grinder is widely employed in farm, middle-sized feeding factory or for family use. This feed grinder can be used for many different particle reduction:
♦ Agricultural materials, such as corn, maize, corn stalk, peanut shell, dry grass, cotton stalk, etc.
♦ Pharmaceutical and industrial materials, such as Chinese medicine crops, quartz, coal, coal residue, woods, etc.

this type feed grinder features

● Easy to operate, low specific power consumption, accurate and consistent product grinding
● Reasonable design: final size of materials can be adjusted according to replacing the right screen sieve. Moreover the ability to change screen size, and the option of a variable speed frequency drive control, enable the crusher to processing a variety of materials.
● Core part-hammers are made of high quality carbon alloy steel, which is durable and wear-resistant. Long life and durability.

Livestock Feed Mixer Machine Price

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