how to make chicken feed and other poultry feed

chicken feed ingredients formular


Chickens use fat for energy because fat has a high energy density, a fat called linoleic acid is known to improve egg size, and chickens need 3 to 5 percent fat in their feed.


Energy is required for all activities, growth and production of chickens. The most common way to get carbs for chicken is through grain feeding


Chicken require vitamins are involved in all biological functions of the body.  They are required in small quantities.  Vitamins are essential for growth, health, and production

Reference I
14.5kg of whole maize
24kg of maize germ
19kg of wheat pollard
14.4kg wheat bran
16kg of beniseed meal, groundnut cake, linseed meal, or cotton seed meal.
2.2kg of fishmeal
2.8kg of lime
5kg of soya meal
90g of bone meal
20g of grower premix
30g of salt
10g of coccidiostat
10g of Zinc bacitracin
Reference II
 Maize                     44Kg
Soybean Full Fat    34Kg
Groundnut Cake    2kg
Brewer Dry Grain  12Kg
Maize Offal             4kg
Bone Meal              3Kg
Methionine               0.25Kg or 250 grams
Lysine                        0.25Kg or 250 grams
Vitamin/Mineral Premix   0.25kg or 250 grams
Salt                            0.25Kg or 250 grams

what equipment needed to make chicken feed

Whether you make pelleted or powdered feed, you need a piece of equipment to make chicken feed. With a feed grinder, you can grind up the grains you buy for fresh chickens. If you have a few birds and don’t want to buy a grinder, you can use a manual grinder. When making purees or crumbles for your chicks, you can use a food processor to finely grind them.

You will also need to consider storing the bags of cereal you purchase. Consider making a storage box with a lid for each type of cereal. If you can use the sliding door at the bottom to dispense the beans, you can rotate them naturally. You may need to clean the box thoroughly once or twice a year to prevent pests.
When grinding feeds, know the time and consistency of the grind. There are three standard terms for commercial feeds: feed, flakes and pellets. The type of fabric you need depends on the age of the bird.

How To Make Chicken Feed Pellets

mash feed: Like young babies, chicks are just starting to eat, their digestive system is just getting started, and their beaks are too small for bigger things. For the smallest chicks, start with mashing. Its consistency is similar to potting soil. Feed him from birth to 8 to 12 weeks.

pellet feed: pellet feed are similar to whole grains; larger and more difficult to digest. This food texture is best maintained until the chicken is at least 18 weeks old.

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