how to make fish feed pellets floating on water 24 hours

this type fish feed pellet machine is used to make  fish feed pellets which can float on water about 12 hours , the finished pellets can be made from 1 micrometer to 15 micrometers, the fish food pellet machine can also be used to make pet animal food like for dog, cat, and so on, the final food shape for pet animals can be cross type or bone type, also can make chicken food.

Extruded fish feed machine can be divided into wet type and dry type fish feed pellet mill. They both can produce floating fish feed  pellets, slowing sinking pellets and sinking feed pellets. The main difference is whether need to connect to a boiler to send steam before extruding. Fish feed pellet mills are used to produce pellets with corn, wheat, soybean, fish meal mixture etc. They are suitable for processing floating aquatic feeds.

Application of Dry Type Fish Feed Pellet Mill

☆ Make floating feed pellets for all kinds of fish, shrimp and other aquatics animals.
☆ If you have fish ponds and aquatic farms, this machine is really cost-effective compared with buying expensive pellets.

How To Make Fish Feed Pellets
Fish Feed Pellet Machine Price
How To Make Floating Fish Feed Pellets

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