how to make pet food by stainless steel dog food machine

As the number of pet species continues to grow, different pets have different needs for pet food. Many pet lovers will smell pet food before choosing it. Smelling is the normal way humans are used to buying pet food. However, using your own nose preference for pets in this way is not right. We know that a dog’s sense of smell is more than 40 times greater than a human’s and can produce the most dominant of various odors. Humans prefer scents or creamy smells. But dogs are different. Dogs prefer the taste of meat and the smell of oysters.

Nowadays, there are many dog food manufacturers who make dog food according to human preferences, and they add milk or other flavors that are not ideal for dogs’ temptation. As a result, the palatability of the dog is greatly affected and the dog will eat less.

Based on this market demand, Victor Puffers has developed a variety of models of dog food machines. According to different production demonstrations, dog food puffing machines are also available in various configurations to meet the needs of different customers. The dog food machine can be adjusted by temperature, moisture and other process parameters to make the product unique in shape Tasty, nutritious and delicate in taste. Suitable for the taste of different pets. Dog food machine is widely used to produce various pet foods for dogs, cats, fish, shrimp, foxes, etc. It is an ideal choice for different manufacturers.

The dog food produced by the dog food machine has the following characteristics:

1.Improve pet food palatability

2. Change or enhance the nutritional value of pet foods

3. Improve pets’ digestion and absorption rate of foods

4. Change the shape and structure of pet food to make it easier for pets eating

5. Change the content of different nutritional indicators of pet foods, such as: reduce the moisture in order to increase the shelf life of foods, which is beneficial to storage

6. Change the bulk density of food, squeeze granulation and briquetting to increase the bulk density of the food

7. Kill various bacterial, salmonella and other harmful substances, improve pet food safety and hygiene

How To Make Pet Food
How To Make Pet Food For Dog And Cat

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