industrial pellet mill machine for sale with big capacity

The industrial pellet mill for sale has a wide cylindrical die and is vertically mounted. This large industrial feed pelletizer consists of a feed device, a quality control device, a temperature control device, a pressure chamber drive system, overload protection and an electric control system. This ring pattern industrial pellet mill is widely used in most large feed pellet production for commercial use, such as commercial feed production plants, large poultry farms, commercial feed production plants, etc. Moreover, this industrial pellet mill is equipped with a regulator to produce feed pellets with smooth surface and good palatability.

This industrial feed pellet mill can be used to pellet corn stalks, bean stems, flower seedlings, sweet potato wine, alfalfa and rape stalks into feed for cattle, pigs, cows, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, fish and so on. Ring die feed machine is the preferred equipment for making feed for large and medium-sized feed mills and various livestock and poultry farms. Ring die industrial pellet mill can pelletize various materials such as livestock and poultry feed, aquatic feed, pet food, grass flour, etc.

Big Feed Pellet Machine For Sale

Advantages of Industrial pellet mill

1. All stainless steel feeder, configured with original imported frequency converter control, feeding evenly and accurately.

2. All stainless steel modulator, ensuring effective contact between steam and feed, configured with open door access hole, easy to clean and maintain.

3. Double motor drive. High strength SPB narrow triangle belt drive, smooth and reliable transmission, low noise.

3. Industrial pellet mill is equipped with a variety of ring dies with apertures from 1.5mm to 12mm, and the compression ratio can meet different requirements of different customers.

4. Industrial feed machine ring die adopts quick-fit coupling, which can reduce the time of changing ring die and improve the production efficiency.

5. the industrial pellet mill is equipped with large diameter modulator, which makes the material fully torn, making the material smoother and the granule hardness more suitable. The briquetting rate can reach 98%. The wear and tear on the industrial pellet mill machine can also be reduced to the minimum.

Industrial Feed Pellet Mill Price

6. Our feed pelletizing solutions offer a great deal of flexibility. Depending on the type of feed, different output configurations can be customized. Excellent after-sales service and pelletizing solutions are available. If you are planning to start a small or large feed pelletizing operation, please feel free to contact us for details.

7. The feeder’s spindle, screw, sleeve and paddle are all 304 stainless steel. The motor of the feeder we use international standard motor, the quality is slightly better, the noise of the motor is lower, the working current is more stable overload capacity is stronger!

8. Conditioning motor pulley using high-strength cast steel black pulley, higher strength, higher precision, higher strength after heat treatment, more wear-resistant, longer service life, the pulley dynamic balance test when running more smoothly, using a locking sleeve installation, easy installation and removal to save time and effort, and will not cause damage to the pulley! Regulator spindle, paddle, bolt, wall pipe are 304 stainless steel for the industrial pellet mill.

Big Pellet Machine Price

Structure and Operation of Industrial Feed Pellet Mill

The industrial pellet mill is mainly composed of feeder, modulator, pelleting machine, lubrication system etc. The operation procedure requires the degree of the material mixed with powder should be not over 15 %. The material enters into the feeding auger through the stock bin. By adjusting the step-less speed regulating motor to change the speed, the material can flow moderately. Then the tempering begins through the paddle agitator mixing with the steam. After the tempering, the temperature of the material can be 64℃ to 84℃, and the humidity can be 14% to 16%.  At last, the material enters into the pressing box to be pelletized through the chute.

Big Capacity Feed Pellet Machine

Specification of Industrial Pellet Mill




Feeding power



die inner diameter



HMK-2500.5–1 t/h22kw

0.55 kw

2.2 kw

250 mm

HMK-3202–3 t/h37 kw0.75 kw2.2 kw320 mm1.5–8mm
HMK-3503–4 t/h55 kw0.75 kw2.2 kw350 mm1.5–8mm
HMK-4004–5 t/h75 kw1.5 kw2.2 kw400 mm1.5–8mm
HMK-4205–7 t/h90 kw1.5 kw5.5 kw420 mm1.5–8mm

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