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Cattle feed mill machinery has the capacity to produce large capacity of 1-8 tons per hour. We offer a range of cattle feed grinder machinery suitable for manufacturing a variety of cattle feed, chicken feed, pig feed and other livestock feeds in small and large capacities. This large feed pelletizer is actually a ring die pelletizer. In these livestock feed mill machinery, the feeding is done manually and the grinder and grinding material is transferred to the mixer through a screw conveyor.

This innovative feature of the cattle feed crusher ensures the production of high quality, nutrient-rich cattle feed. The ring die feed crusher is a must for large pellet feed production lines. The ring die cattle feed mill machinery has a capacity of up to 8000 kg/h. Referring to the ring die pellet mill, both the pellet roll and the ring die run on a vertical axis. The inner and outer edges of the pellet rolls cover the surface of the die at the same distance. No jumping occurs, which is why the service life of ring die cattle feed mill machinery is much longer than that of flat die cattle feed mill machinery equipment.

The main components of feed pellet mill ring die cattle feed mill equipment are feed grinder, feed mixer, feed pellet mill, feed pellet cooler and pellet feed packing machine. The auxiliary equipment of the cattle feed mill machinery includes conveyor, control cabinet, storage box, dust collector, fire fighting equipment, etc.

Cattle Feed Mill Machinery

Cattle Feed Mill Machinery Maintainence

Proper maintenance of cattle feed mill machinery equipment can improve feed quality and operating efficiency and reduce the potential for feed contamination. Maintenance of feed mill equipment can be divided into four different types: routine maintenance, emergency maintenance, home maintenance and preventive maintenance.

Routine maintenance should be performed on a scheduled basis. This may include lubricating bearings, replacing wearing parts in feed mill equipment, such as replacing screens in hammer mills or dies in pellet mills, and checking the oil level in gearboxes.
Emergency maintenance is a response to unplanned breakdowns and must be performed immediately.

Call-in maintenance usually involves emergency situations where the required personnel are not around and must be called in from elsewhere.
Preventive maintenance includes regular inspections as well as adjustments and repairs to cattle feed mill machinery equipment, such as replacing worn parts that were in proper working condition before the failure occurred, based on observed conditions or known service life.

Cattle Feed Mill Machinery

Features Of Cattle Feed MiLL Equipment Machinery

◊ The livestock feed mill machinery equipment is equipped with stainless steel feeder and Danfoss frequency converter imported from Denmark to ensure accurate and reliable feeding.

◊ Adopt full stainless steel temperer with large open access door, easy to maintain. The temperer is equipped with food-grade 304 stainless steel paddle and paddle shaft inside, which can ensure the safety of livestock and poultry pellet feed. The feed grinder machinery has single temperer and double temperer cattle feed mill machinery equipment. Single temperer is usually used to make poultry feed pellets, while double temperer can make better pellets (but also higher price).

Livestock Feed Mill Equipment

◊ Stainless steel feeding pipe, door cover and scaleboard, which are beautiful and anti-corrosion.

◊ Ring die cattle feed mill machinery equipment adopts double motor triangle belt transmission system with ideal transmission ratio, large transmission torque, smooth transmission, long spindle life, simple structure, easy maintenance and low maintenance cost.

◊ The support sleeve of main shaft and main case is lined with brass bush to prevent occlusion and is easy to dissassembly.

◊ Ring die cattle feed mill machinery adopts automatic grease adding system.

Livestock Feed Mill Equipment

Specification of Livestock Feed Mill Equipment




Feeding power



die inner diameter



HMK-2500.5–1 t/h22kw

0.55 kw

2.2 kw

250 mm

HMK-3202–3 t/h37 kw0.75 kw2.2 kw320 mm1.5–8mm
HMK-3503–4 t/h55 kw0.75 kw2.2 kw350 mm1.5–8mm
HMK-4004–5 t/h75 kw1.5 kw2.2 kw400 mm1.5–8mm
HMK-4205–7 t/h90 kw1.5 kw5.5 kw420 mm1.5–8mm

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