magical function of chicken manure-turning into food for animal

in general, most of people think chicken manure belong to organic matters,and turn them into organic fertilizer for the crops,but chicken manure has another magical function–turning into food for animals by pellet mill

1.chicken manure nutrient

because of the shortness of chicken intestine,and the food staying time in chicken intestine is very short,the nutrient of the forage ate by chicken is just only about 30% absorbed,the most rest is excreted through rectum,generally speaking, every kilogram of chicken manure includes 13.4–18.8 KJ energy,the nutrogen is about 30–70 g

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2.chicken manure forage development

In Japan, they steam the manure to deodorant sterilization to feed pigs, in Israel,they use chicken manure blended with grass meal to feed cows,in German and America,they use 20–30% composted chicken manure blended with oat and corn meal etc to feed sheep,cattle and so on

in Japan, the forage consumption is about 20% made by chicken manure,in Canada, annual chicken manure forage consumption is about 10,000 tons

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