Making animal feed pellets by using feed pellet mill

When we say poultry and livestock feed, we don’t just mean chickens or pigs. You can make feed for turkeys, ducks, geese, cattle and other animals. The largest cost component of a poultry producer is feed. Therefore, how to make the right feed yourself will help chicken farmers save a lot of money.

Straw, sweet potato vines, grass, hay, vegetables, straw, etc. must be cut short before feeding to livestock. Straw for cattle should be cut to 2-3 cm, vegetables for pigs should be cut to 1-2 cm, and sweet potato vines should be cut to about 1 cm. In general, cut short not long to facilitate animal digestion.

Cereals, grains, sweet potatoes, cassava, etc. as feed must be crushed before feeding to facilitate digestion. The degree of crushing should be determined according to the livestock. Pigs and cattle feed can be crushed into 1 to 2 mm of medium and coarse particles; chicken feed should be ground into titanium cereal powder. Sweet potato and cassava can be cut into slices, dried and then crushed. The hammer mill can perfectly crush various raw materials such as wheat, corn, rice, soybeans, peanuts, millet or other solid materials such as bones, dried meat, etc. The final size of the material can be controlled by inserting different size sieves

For long-term storage, silage would be a good choice. Silage is stored in various cellars, ponds and vats where it is fermented under anaerobic conditions to produce lactic acid. It ensures the nutrient content in green forage and improves its utilization and digestibility. Adjusts the balance of green forage in the peak and off-season.

The self-processed pellet feed can improve work efficiency, reduce feeding cost and increase profit for users. It can not only press the pellet feed for cattle and sheep, but also process the pellet feed for pigs, chickens and ducks. When making pellet feed by yourself, you can add different raw materials according to the different needs of animals to ensure the comprehensive nutrition of livestock and poultry. Feeding pellet feed can increase the animal’s intake, avoid animal picking, and facilitate digestion and absorption. It can shorten the growth cycle of animals, facilitate transportation and can be kept for half a year.

For small farmers,compared to the purchase feed pellet on the market, it’s a good choice to buy a feed pellet machine, the cost is not high but also produce their own feed pellet according to the specific circumstances of the animals.

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