whole process of making fertiliser granules

The device uses a belt scale, computer-controlled feed rate and ratio . Powdered raw materials into the hopper metering belt , hopper inlet flush with the ground , which can reduce the labor intensity , but also reducing secondary raw materials transportation process and material evenly into stable granulator granulator state, it is improved to some extent as a ball rate , reducing production costs.

Two broken

there are two types of fertilizer crushers, one is vertical type chain crusher,the other type is hammer mill crusher.vertical chain crusher can crush materials in bulk with good performance ,continuity , easy dust , etc, in order to improve the working environment granulator.hammer mill crusher is used to crush organic materials into fine powder about 3–5 mm.

Three Mixing

there are also two types of fertilizer mixer,one is pan type used to mix compound raw materials,the other is horizontal type used to blend organic materials like animal manure,grass meal,bentonite,etc.

Four granulation

In the production of organic fertilizer granulation mode selection is very important. Current industry mainly disc granulator, drum granulator, extrusion and other methods , these types of methods have their advantages and disadvantages .

Five drying

Although most of the material after the granulation has been formed particles , but this high moisture grain , low strength , can not meet the requirements of packaging and transportation , it must be dried .

Six Screening

After drying materials are powdered materials and the presence of large particles with a vibrating screen sieve sieve out all of the large particles ,

Seven Cooling

Cooled by a cooling machine , to further improve particle strength , reduced moisture.

Eight Packaging

Qualified products use automatic packing scale for packaging. the above eight steps are the main whole process for making fertiliser granules.

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