how to make pig feed pellets, pig feed pellet making machine

how to make pig feed

1. When you are going to make pig feed on your own, the first step is to make sure the moisture of your raw materials is about 10-12%. The wetter or dryer material will affect the final quality of finished pellets. You can use a drier, so that you can get the ideal moisture quickly. Or you can dry it naturally in the sun.

2.The second step you have to do is crushing your materials before you start making your own pig feed pellet, if your raw materials size is too much big,it is not so easy to be pressed into pellets. When you crush it to fine powders,the finest,the better, the pelletizing rate and final pellets quality will be better.

Pig Feed Pellet Machine

3.feeding your raw materials into the pig feed pellet mill machine through the feeder.they will be compressed to columned holes on the die and discharged from the machine. Thus the whole procedure of making your own feed is finished.

Why to make pig feed pellets?

There are two types of pig feed: powdered pig feed and pelleted pig feed. Crushed pig feed is composed of crushed pig feed ingredients. However, swine feed pellets are made from swine feed ingredients compressed in animal feed pellet mills. During the granulation process, under the action of high-temperature steam at 100-120 °C, the pig feed pellets are rapidly gelatinized, resulting in better taste. Pigs are easy to digest and absorb. High temperature processed pellets are healthier for pigs. High flow swine feed pellets are also suitable for storage and transport.

How To Make Pig Feed

pig feed making formula

  1. Alfalfa is a good raw material. Alfalfa meal should be the first choice for making various feed pellets for high fiber content.
  2. Oatmeal is a great ingredient. Oatmeal is a low-glycemic source of carbs, but you have to keep in mind that if you add oats to pellets that are already high in oat content, you may push your pigs over their carb limit.
  3. Wheat or corn germ meal. Another ingredient that contains low-glycemic forms of fiber and carbohydrates, and is also a source of fat.

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