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fish feed machine(stainless steel)

As one of the best floating fish feed machine manufacturer, we produce two types of floating fish feed machine, one is dry fish feed machine and the other is wet fish feed extruder, which is stainless steel high end fish feed high technology machine. fish feed machine can produce other fish feeds such as shrimp …

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pet food extruder machine

What machine can make food for our pets, like making dog food and cat food? As we said in our previous article about floating fish feed machine, this puffing machine can make floating fish feed, chicken feed and pet food. But what is the difference between this pet food extruder and that one? Yes, this …

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fish feed drying machine

Fish feed drying machine are usually used in combination with fish feed coolers. Our fish feed dryers are made of stainless steel and are high-tech dryers. The finished fish feed pellets are conveyed from the fish feed machine to the fish feed pellet dryer and then on a mesh belt made of stainless steel. Talking …

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fish feed dryer machine

The fish feed machine produces pellets with high moisture and high temperature, which cannot be transported and stored immediately and need to be dried first. Mesh fish feed dryers are specially designed pellet dryers for drying the moisture and heat generated by the finished fish feed pellets in fish feed production. The drying process of …

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Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine

We have two types of floating fish feed pellet machine for making fish feed pellets for various fish species, one is a dry type and the other is a wet type fish feed extruder that needs to be used with a steam boiler to inject steam during the pellet making process. Floating fish feed pellet …

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Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine

This floating fish feed extruder machine is a wet type of various fish feed puffers, specially designed for large capacity and large feed production plants, we also have another model of fish feed pellet machine for home and small farms. Depending on your requirements, you can choose how much capacity of finished floating fish feed …

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Fish Feed Production Line

Our floating fish feed production line is the complete process of fish feed production, including fish feed machine, fish feed grinder, fish feed mixer, fish feed dryer and other equipment, this fish feed production line equipment is for corn, corn production of commercial pellets, grass, grains, protein, syrup, etc., and finally form a variety of …

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Feed Pellet Production Line

Poultry feed pellet production line applications: for large scale pellet feed mills/feed mills/breeding plants; ideal feed crushing line for high throughput and high automation of feed production. Planning to build an animal feed pellet production line? We are a reliable manufacturer of poultry feed plant production line with years of experience to provide what you …

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feed mixing machine for sale

Feed mixing machine is a key part of feed production line and directly affects the quality of pellet feed. The purpose of feed mixers is to mix various raw material powders well and sometimes liquid addition equipment is used to add liquid nutrients for better mixing. After a high degree of mixing, these materials are …

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Dog food ingredients formulation

Dog food ingredients vary somewhat depending on the type of pet food. The basic difference between canned and dry pet foods is the amount of moisture. Canned food contains between 70 and 80% moisture, since these are generally made from fresh meat products, while dry pet food contains no more than 10%. Additional dog food …

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Peanut decorticator machine for Sudan

Peanut also is known as the groundnut which is a legume crop grown mainly for its edible seeds. Groundnut grown on over 22.2 million hectares worldwide, it has been used for decades as an important protein-rich source for people in developing countries, while its oilseed, cake and haulms are used traditionally as animal feed.It is …

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How to plant paddy rice successfully

Rice is an essential staple food for most population on the world every day. it has a very wide acreage in the world. In addition to edible, rice can also be used as a raw material for wine making ,and as industrial raw materials in sugar making, rice husks and rice stalks can feed to poultry. High-quality rice has the high …

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