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Farm Irrigation Systems

Movable irrigation systems

Irrigation is the the controlled application of water for agricultural purposes through manmade systems to supply water requirements not satisfied by rainfall. Crop irrigations is vital throughout the world in order to provide the world’s ever-growing populations with enough food. There are many more irrigation techniques farmers use today, since there is always a need …

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Formulation For Making Fish Feed

Extruded Pellets Vs Pelleted Pellets

About Extruded Pellets Extrusion is a high temperature, short time heating process that minimizes the degradation of food nutrients while improving the digestibility of protein and starch. Fish feed puffers are ideal machines for processing floating or sinking aquafeeds, requiring only recipe adjustments. Compared to pelletizing, extrusion requires higher moisture, heat and pressure. Temperatures above …

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how to make floating fish food pellet

Along with the growing demand of aquatic products and the increasing income of people, aquaculture in Africa has developed fast from the beginning of the century. In Africa, aquaculture can be divided into freshwater aquaculture and coastal aquaculture. Fish feed extruder is for manufacturing aquatic feed for Africa freshwater aquaculture.Dry type fish feed extruder, also …

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Raw materials of feed production line

The feed pellet production line generally consists of feed grinder, feed mixer, dryer, feed pellet machine, cooler, packaging scale, etc. The raw materials of pellet feed include animal protein and plant protein. Plant proteins come from corn, rice, wheat, soybean, peanut cake flour, etc.; animal proteins include fish meal, shrimp meal, crab meal, river fish …

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Small Scale Rice Processing Plant

Small scale rice mill plant

Rice is important staple food crop in world. It provides food for half of the world’s population.Paddy in its raw form cannot be consumed by human beings. Therefore, it needs to be suitably processed for obtaining rice. The improved rice mills have a better husk and rice bran aspiration system. The same prevents mixing of …

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corn sheller machine price

Many farmers employ people to shell corn with bare hands, which is a labour-intensive exercise. But here is a corn sheller machine that does that work in seconds and with high capacity. Corn sheller machine are designed for gentle separation of maize kernels from the cobs and removal of rachis. They find application mainly in …

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Feed Making Machine

Feed pellet mill in Botswana

In Jan 2018,one of our customer has ordered 2 sets set feed crusher and one set feed pellet mill in Botswana. We have prepared feed crusher and feed pellet mill before package. After package ,the machine is ready to send port .


fish pellet making machine

Pet & Fish Pellet Making Machine Application Our fish ball machines are ideally suited for commercial use to produce pelleted feeds of grain, grass, protein and molasses. Our finished pellet feeds are finely textured, nutritious, unique in taste and diverse in shape. They are perfect for aquatic animals such as shrimp, goldfish, catfish and tropical …

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Floating Fish Feed Ingredients Formulation

fish feed ingredients formulation

Fish oil Fish oil is a small scleractinian fish or fish offcuts, the same as fish meal. The fish is pressed to release the fish oil, which is then further processed into fishmeal using steaming and drying techniques. Fish oil is a source of energy, but most importantly, it provides the only source of long-chain …

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corn grinder for chicken feed video

Crushing of raw materials for making fish feed is the key stage. The crushing process expands the surface area of the raw material, which helps to increase the solubility of the feed in the digestive juices and promotes digestion by the animal. At the same time, the particle size of the material will greatly affect …

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Animal Feed Pellet Machine

chicken feed pellet mill video

If you have a large amount of raw materials, we recommend purchasing a chicken feed pellet mill to process agricultural waste or wood chips into feed pellets for heating for cooking or making your own animal feed pellets; or if you own a large farm with a large amount of agricultural waste to dispose of; …

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fish feed extrusion process video

To avoid separation of feed components during mixing, the fish feed extrusion process has been used to improve pasteability and digestibility of feeds, making it easier for fish to obtain well-mixed nutrients. As the name implies, fish feed pelletizing is the process of compressing, granulating and forming feed ingredients into pellets under the action of …

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