straw pellets for horse bedding and other animals

straw pellets can not only be used for biomass pellets fuel, but also can be used for animal bedding, what is more, straw pellets for animal bedding is the most comfortable to animals Straw pellet used a bedding for animal is an efficient and eco-friendly comparing with existing other kind of common bedding which is already known and litter products for animal bedding. not much is needed for equivalent absorbancy, which saves you money, working time and storing place.

Straw pellets are naturally softer than wood pellets and will break down more easily so not much too big storage is required for soiled bedding. Straw pellet animal bedding is a pure, natural product without any additives. Straw pellet is an excellent suckling material . The product is hygienic, as the temperature is +75 … +85 ° C in granulation process. so straw pellet is recommended as bedding material for horses and also for other animals. Using a straw pellet litter is easier and faster to clean. the used pellets is easy to recycle and can be reused in different ways. Composted material decomposes rapidly and may be used, such as fertilizer, even in 2-3 months.

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but which kind of straw pellets is the most comfortable for animals?

we have found that a Wheat and Oil Seed Rape straw blend has produced a pellet that not only absorbs really well but also stops the horses eating their beds while having minimum amounts of manure after we tried several different types of straw . It has also been noted that these pellets seem to bring a natural deodorant, masking smells otherwise associated with more traditional bedding.

what advantages of using straw pellets for animal bedding?

low dust and moisture content;
good absorption rate and drainage;
easy to transport and move around;
less work to muck out;
quicker breakdown when composted
Straw pellet has many advantages over straw or other bedding materials. Scientists from the University of Gottingen have studied different bedding materials in several horse farms during 17.05.2009…29.04.2010. The aim was to evaluate the different bedding materials, their properties and ease of use.

want to use straw pellets as your animals bedding? then would you like to buy it or would like to make straw pellets by yourself?

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