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What machine can make food for our pets, like making dog food and cat food? As we said in our previous article about floating fish feed machine, this puffing machine can make floating fish feed, chicken feed and pet food. But what is the difference between this pet food extruder and that one? Yes, this pet food extruder machine is made of high-tech stainless steel and is a high-end food extruder. And this pet food extruder machine can also produce fish feed pellets!

Pet Food Extruder Machine Price

advantage of this pet food extruder machine

1. The main dog food extruder machine adopts frequency conversion speed control, high automation and stable performance.

2. Pet food extruder machine screw is made of stainless steel, special technology, durable. Adopt block type structure, compact structure, easy to operate.

Dog Food Extruder Machine For Sale

3. Forced lubrication system to ensure a longer service life of the extruder drive system.
4. Automatic temperature control system makes the temperature control more intuitive and the parameters more accurate.
5. pet food machine can be equipped with a heating boiler, can be connected to the heating gas, so that the grain fully cooked.
6. pet food extruder machine is widely applicable, can produce fish, dogs, cats and other shapes of pet food particles.

Cat Food Extruder Machine Cost

pet feed extruder machine applications

pet food extruder machine can process the corn, soybean and other grains into feed pellets for the cat, dog, rabbit, fish, shrimp feed, etc. Indispensable in the pet food processing industry.

Note:this pet food extruder machine can make pet foods and also fish feed,shrimp feed,catfish feed,golden fish feed etc kinds of fishes

advantages of this high-end stainless steel pet food extruder machine?

1. Flexible dosing to process a wide range of raw materials and product integrity through very strong mixing, producing uniform melting, excellent starch pasting and protein matrix building

2. complete control of process parameters and automation to ensure salmon with proper density levels and high fat levels for floating or settling characteristics

3. Precise shaping and feed size calibration from 0.8 to 15.0 mm and reduced maintenance, standardized extrusion and drying spares, built-in convenient access

4. Follow-up services including training, process and technical support, design expertise, automation and technology upgrades

Pet Food Extruder For Sale

why do we make pellet pet food?

Diet is an important part of your pet’s life in order to perform better at every stage. Pet food usually consists of meat, meat by-products, grains, cereals, vitamins and minerals, but a tasty, balanced, quality diet can make your pet healthier, more energetic, happier and better behaved, while a poor diet can lead to many health problems. For example, eating spoiled food or food allergies can lead to vomiting. Too much grain or sugar in the diet is also bad and can lead to ear infections. Depending on the type and stage of growth, pets require different or specific nutritional needs. Pet food pellets have the potential to better meet the nutritional needs of restricted special dietary choices.

advantages of pelleted pet food

1.Pet pelleted food is made up of various compounds such as vitamin, proteins, minerals, fibers, sugars, and acids, which is not only can meet nutrient demand, but also can prevent the segregation of ingredients.
2.Pet pelleted food can improve nutrient utilization due to heat treatment of the raw material ingredients. And it is easier to ingestion for pet.
3.Pet pelleted food can save storage space and reduce transportation cost.
4.During grinding and pelleting, dust and raw material waste is reduced.

Dog Food Extruder Price

specifications of pet food extruder machine

ModelCapacity (t/h)power


Feeding power


Screw diameter


Cutting power(kw)Conditioner power





vidoe of pet food extruder machine

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