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There are two types of pet food production lines, a dry type pet food manufacturing plant and a wet type food production line. The wet type is equipped with a boiler that can provide hot steam continuously. It can produce aquatic floating feed, catfish pellet feed, goldfish pellet feed, shrimp pellet feed, crab, loach, bullfrog and other feeds and foods, as well as dog food, cat food and other pet foods.

The size of the pellets can range from 0.9-15 mm, feeding different sizes of fish. This pet food manufacturing plant has high production capacity and high quality products. Our pet food manufacturing plant is the first choice for medium and large feed processing plants, aquaculture farms and the pet food industry.

Pet Food Manufacturing Plant

pet food production process

♦ Crushing

The raw material components should be crushed to the required size by the feed mill. We offer two types of feed grinders to meet your different needs: feed grinders for small and medium sized feed expansion plants; SPSF feed grinders for grinding raw materials for medium and large livestock, poultry and aquatic feed plants.

♦ Mixing

The mixing process is the key process in pet food production. The basic process is to weigh different weights of ingredients according to the recipe and then pour them into a grinder for crushing, and then temporarily store all the ingredients in a storage bin. Then all the ingredients are prepared and put into a mixer for blending.

Pet Food Production Line For Cat And Dog

♦ Extrusion

Extrusion is a high temperature, short time heat treatment process. It not only reduces the degradation of food nutrients and improves the digestibility of protein and starch, but also destroys anti-nutrients and microorganisms. Different dies (templates) of the feed puffing machine can produce various shapes of dried pet food, such as round, triangular, flower-shaped, bone-shaped, etc.

Among pet food manufacturers, fat is often added to improve the palatability of pet food, which is done during the conditioning process. In addition, to give pet food pieces different colors, manufacturers often add colored water to the extrusion chamber.

♦ Drying

The drying section is a key part of the pet food production equipment and is used to remove the moisture from the puffed pet food. The extruded material is relatively soft and has a moisture content of 20-30%. The moisture of the finished product after drying is controlled at 8%-10%, which can ensure the storage of the material for a certain period of time. Our mesh belt dryer is a continuous convection mesh belt dryer.

The pellets formed by the extruder are stacked in layers on a screen or perforated belt conveyor and transported continuously to the drying chamber. During this process, drying air is repeatedly passed through the product layers until the pellets reach the optimum moisture content before leaving the dryer. If you choose a wet fish feed machine, we recommend using a gas pellet dryer.

Dog Food Production Line For Pet

♦ Cooling and screening

The main function of the cooling section is to cool the dried material from high temperature to near room temperature and to take away some of the moisture. In addition, in this process, the label of the non-conforming food will be separated from the label of the conforming food.

♦ Packing

Some manufacturers package the same shape of pet food in one bag at the pet food manufacturing plant, while others mix several different shapes and colors of pet food labels in one bag. Conventional weights include. 5 kg, 1 kg, 500 g, 20 g, and also large bags of 20-50 kg. To make the finished pellets easy to store, transport and attract the attention of customers, they should be properly packaged.

With our electronic weighing and packaging machine, the finished pellets can be automatically bagged, weighed, conveyed and sealed, which greatly saves labor and time and meets the requirements of mass production. The packaging machine can be equipped with automatic hot stamping, automatic bag sewing and automatic thread cutting.

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