pet food processing plant for US manufacturing kibble food

In April, we delivered a complete pet food processing plant to a US customer who will produce coarse ground dog food. This complete pet food processing plant includes conveyors, pet food extruders, dryers, cooling belts, flavoring units, etc. The complete pet food processing plant is made entirely of stainless steel.

advantage of this pet food processing plant

1. The main machine adopts frequency conversion speed control, high automation and stable performance.

2. Pet food puffing machine screw is made of stainless steel, special technology, durable. Adopt block type structure, compact structure, easy to operate.

Pet Food Processing Plant

3. The forced lubrication system ensures a longer service life of the puffing machine drive system.
4. Automatic temperature control system, making temperature control more intuitive and parameters more accurate.
5. Pet food processing plants can be equipped with heating boilers that can be connected to heating gas to fully cook grains.
6. This pet food processing equipment machine has a wide range of applications and can make various shapes of food pellets for fish, dogs, cats and other pets.

Why do we make pellet pet food?

Diet is an important part of your pet’s life in order for them to thrive at every stage. Pet food usually includes meat, meat by-products, grains, cereals, vitamins and minerals, but a tasty, balanced, quality diet will result in healthier, more energetic, happier and better behaved pets. Poor eating habits can lead to many health problems. For example, eating spoiled food or food allergies may lead to vomiting. Too much grain or sugar in the diet is bad and can lead to ear infections. Depending on the type and stage of growth, pets require different or special nutritional needs. Pet food pellets have the potential to better meet the nutritional needs of restricted special dietary choices.

Pet Food Processing Equipment

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