poultry feed processing plant equipment low cost for sale

The animal feed processing plant equipment we are referring to here is the 1-15TPH feed pellet line. It is usually built for small and medium-sized animal feed processing plant. The medium-sized feed pellet line can process feed pellets for poultry, livestock and fish (aquafeed). The main machines of this pellet production line include: feed hammer mill, silo, mixer, ring die feed pellet mill, feed pellet cooler, feed pellet packing machine, etc. This animal feed processing plant equipment can process rabbit feed pellets, chicken feed pellets, cattle feed pellets, goat feed pellets, sheep feed pellets and other poultry feeds.

Poultry Feed Plant

With years of experience in feed processing machinery, we have more than 10 engineers developing business plans for feed processing plant for domestic and international customers.

We have optimized the performance of our animal feed processing plant equipment to meet the unique needs of feed processing plants, and we can produce the tightest distribution of uniform pellets with the least amount of dust. All equipment is available in carbon steel or stainless steel construction and can be custom configured to meet customer material and production goals.

Poutry Feed Processing Line

How To Start A Feed Processing Plant?

A feed processing plant is also known as a feed pellet production line. A complete feed mill or feed pellet processing line generally includes raw material storage silo, raw material receiving system, primary batching system, mixing system, secondary batching, crushing system, pelletizing system, cooling system and bagging system.

what is advantages of pellet feed?

Pellet feed is clearer, healthier and easier to transport than ground or conventional feed. Feed pellets provide concentrated nutrition for livestock. Because of these benefits, the production of feed pellets has become increasingly popular in recent years. Victor feed machinery can make your feed pellets durable and have a clean surface

Cattle Feed Manufacturing Plant

what are equipment included in feed processing plant?

Water-drop hammer crusher machine

Fine crushing machine, stable performance, widely used in large and medium-sized feed, food processing enterprises, raw material crushing.

Animal Feed Processing Line

Double shaft paddle mixer

Fast mixing speed, short mixing cycle, 30-120 seconds / batch; high uniformity of mixing, CV ≤ 5%, no segregation; gentle machine mixing process, variable feeding range; full bottom electric discharge, fast discharge, low residual material rate

Poultry Feed Production Line Price

Ring die feed pellet machine

Adopt imported high-quality bearings and oil seals to ensure efficient, stable and low-noise operation. The feeder adopts frequency conversion motor to ensure the quality of granular material discharge.

Cattle Feed Production Line

Counter-flow cooler machine

SKLN series counterflow cooler adopts advanced counterflow cooling principle and is equipped with reciprocating grate device, featuring smooth material flow and uniform discharge.

Animal Feed Production Plant

Screener machine

Fault less, less maintenance, simple operation, gear box adopts gearless transmission, oil-free lubrication, avoiding oil leakage and pollution of oil, The tail sliding support is changed to elastic support to avoid deposits and cross contamination

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