rabbit feed pellet mill knowledge of how to make rabbit feed

now there are many people feed animals like pig,sheep,chicken,rabbit, these animals feed are big demand and big thing, some people buy them feed pellets from a pellet production factory, but some choose to make their own feed pellets for their animals.then how much do you know when you decide to buy a rabbit feed pellet mill? many people who have little experience in making feed pellets,different people have different questions about feed pellet mill for making feed pellets,Michael once consulted us such questions which are maybe you will have:

The basic formulation of making rabbit pellets

The minimum rabbit nutrient requirements for a maintenance diet are 14% crude fiber, 2% fat, and crude protein 12%. Make sure that the feeds you are going to produce at least meet or better yet, exceed the above minimum amount of fiber, but keep protein and fat level low.

Fiber level of 15% to 17% is adequate. A level greater than 17% retards weight gain which would be desirable in a neutered pet rabbit and fiber levels of 22.5% and higher are used for reducing obesity and hairballs.

Protein levels should be 15% to 19%. Be sure the fiber level is greater than the protein level. Too high protein in the diet creates a greater amount of ammonia in the urine. It would be better to keep protein closer to 15%.

Fat levels should be low, around 3% or less. The higher the fat content of a pellet the worse it is for your bunny, because it can cause obesity. Avoid pellets with lots of nuts, seeds, etc. in it, they are not good to feed due to a high fat content.
Since we have known the machine and formulation of making rabbit pellets, don’t hesitate to act. The rabbits will really enjoy them

Rabbit Feed Pellet Mill For Sale

1.Are their any advantage the diesel or electrical one have except that the diesel one is lighter? advantage between diesel and electricity, is that easy and convient to move, besides ,its good for the area lacking of electricity or the area of high electricity price.

2.Are the pellets produced small? i mentioned it is primarily for rabbits, do you have some clients making rabbit pellets using the machine.the pellets produces can be 2.5–8mm,choosing according to your requirement

3.Are their some parts that wear out frequently which I would need to order together with the machine.the mainly parts are the roller and die, they are can be about 6-8 months on the condition of continuously working.

How To Make Rabbit Feed

why using rabbit feed pellet mill making rabbit feed pellet

1.Improve immunity: The pellets produced by the rabbit feed pelletizer contain the same amount of nutrients, forming a very healthy combination, thereby preventing animal infections and diseases.

2.Cost-effectiveness: Since all feeds are combined to make these small particles, packaging, storage and transportation are easier and more convenient, which saves a lot of storage and transportation costs.

3.Increased growth: These particles become mature during the manufacturing process, which increases the digestibility of food and helps accelerate the health and growth of the rabbit.

4.Rabbits get fresh feed: If you are in a rabbit breeding business and have a rabbit feed pelletizer, you can easily control the nutrients in the pellets and provide fresh food for your rabbits.

5.Avoid picky eaters: Because the rabbit feed pellet machine mixes all the feed, the rabbits cannot choose what to eat, so as to provide them with evenly mixed nutritious food. This also ensures that the manufactured particles are of high quality.

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