ring die pellet mill machine for sale for big capacity

what is ring die pellet press machine?

Ring die pellet mills are another popular type. They are of higher quality than flat die pellet mills. Ring die pellet mills are more commonly used than flat die pellet mills for commercial and high-volume plants such as chicken feed, pig feed, duck feed, fish feed, cattle feed, and also for making wood chip pellets and biomass pellets. The surface of the finished pellet feed is smooth and easily digested by animals.

As the name implies, the ring die is wide cylindrical and installed vertically instead of flat. The ring die pellet mill uses proven technology to produce high quality animal feed pellets on a large scale. Based on its outstanding features of high production capacity and low consumption. If you want a small production capacity, we recommend a flat die pellet mill. This ring die pellet mill can produce poultry feed pellets and submerged fish feed pellets,

Ring Pellet Machine For Sale

ring die pellet press machine features

1. The main drive adopts high precision gear drive, compared with belt drive, the capacity is increased about 20% and the energy consumption is low.

2. The ring die pelletizer adopts three-layer jacketed temperer, the material can be fully cooked to meet special needs and ensure the quality of the final aquatic feed.

3. Suitable for mass production of high quality aquatic feed pellets, wood chip pellets, biomass pellets

4. Adopt international advanced spring coupling device, novel and compact structure, safe and reliable, low noise and low failure rate.

5. Multi-hole ring die can be adopted, with excellent ring die technology and long service life, which can make smooth and high quality aquatic feed pellets.

Ring Die Pellet Mill For Sale

Advantages of Ring Die Pellet Mill:

There are two main advantages to using a ring die pelletizer. First, there is less wear and tear because the inner and outer edges of the drum pass the same distance. Second, a more energy efficient flat die pelletizer design. The sliding of the drums during the pelletizing process causes additional friction, but this additional friction is a good factor for producing good quality wood pellets due to the extra heat.

Ring Die Pellet Machine Price

Specification of Ring Die Pellet Mill




Feeding power



die inner diameter



HMK-2500.5–1 t/h22kw

0.55 kw

2.2 kw

250 mm

HMK-3202–3 t/h37 kw0.75 kw2.2 kw320 mm1.5–8mm
HMK-3503–4 t/h55 kw0.75 kw2.2 kw350 mm1.5–8mm
HMK-4004–5 t/h75 kw1.5 kw2.2 kw400 mm1.5–8mm
HMK-4205–7 t/h90 kw1.5 kw5.5 kw420 mm1.5–8mm

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