Set up 1PTH poultry feed production line for Africa customer

In March, VICTOR Pellet Mill supplied a poultry feed production line for an African customer in Mozambique, mainly producing chicken feed pellets and cattle feed pellets.

Poultry Feed Production Line For Africa

Generally, the poultry feed production line process consists of the following steps:

1. First, the raw materials or feed ingredients required by the animals are crushed into powder form by a grinder, such as soybean meal, corn, wheat, vegetables and other materials.

2. Then, in a mixer, the crushed raw material powder is mixed thoroughly for the subsequent pellet production process. During this process, users can add additives such as vitamins, powders, bones and other necessary trace elements.

3. Next, the mixed raw material enters the poultry feed pelletizer through the conveyor. Under high temperature and pressure in the machine, the loose material is pressed into high-density solid pellets of uniform size and shape.

4. After that, the finished pelleted feed is cooled and sieved in the pellet cooling and sieving machine for subsequent packaging and storage.

5. Finally, the cooled and screened pellet feed can be stored in bags, and the bagged pellet feed can be marketed.

Poultry Feed Production Line Flow Chart

From this Mozambican customer, we learned more details about the development of chicken feed in Mozambique. And with the changing nutritional needs of poultry, traditional feed types are no longer able to meet the current developments and requirements.

Due to the different nutritional requirements of chickens and cattle, the former have a high demand for animal protein and supplementation can easily exceed nutritional levels, as can phosphorus. Optimizing nitrogen and phosphorus in full-price compound feeds becomes even more important, while the latter also has requirements for roughage quality. Roughage such as silage or corn silage is by far the main source of feed for ruminants, but its quality and feed value vary widely. Different requirements require different processes and VICTOR PELLET MACHINE has designed the compact 1PHT poultry feed production line according to the actual situation and requirements.

Poultry Feed Production Line
Chicken Feed Production Line

After the trial run of the customized poultry feed production line, the results exceeded expectations. The customer sent us photos and said that the poultry feed production line was so great that he wanted to buy another machine to produce fish feed.

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