Set up 1PTH poultry feed production line for Africa customer

On March ,VICTOR pellet machine have offered a poultry feed production line for Africa customer,which is located is’s mainly to produce the chicken feed pellet and cow feed pellet.

Poultry Feed Production Line For Africa

Generally, the poultry feed production line process consists of the following steps:

1.At the beginning, the raw materials or the feed components which are needed for animals is crushed into powders through the crushing machine, like soybean meal, corn, wheat, vegetables and other materials

2.Then, in the mixing machine, the crushed raw material powders are mixed completely for later pellet production process. In this process, the user can add additive agents like vitamin, powder, bone and other necessary trace element

3.Next, the mixed raw materials enter the poultry feed pellet making machine through the conveyor. Under the high temperature and high pressure inside the machine, the loose materials is pressed into high density solid pellet with uniform size and shape.

4.After that, the finished pellet feed is cooled and screened in the pellet cooler and screener machine for later packing and storing.

5.Finally, through cooling and screening, the pellet feed can be packed into bags for storing.the bag packed pellet is ready to sell on the market.

Poultry Feed Production Line Flow Chart

From this Mozambique customer, we have know more details about the chicken feed development in Mozambique. While with changeable demand of poultry for nutrition, the traditional feed type cannot meet the present development and requirement.

Due to the different nutrition demand of the chicken and cow, the former requires high demand for protein in animals, protein supplementation tends to exceed the nutrient levels, so does the phosphorus. Optimization of the nitrogen and phosphorus in the complete formula feed becomes more important.while the latter requires the crude feed quality.Crude feed such as forage or corn silage currently accounts for the majority of ruminant feed, but its quality and feed value may vary widely. Then different demands ask different processes. According to the actual condition and requirements,VICTOR PELLET MACHINE deigned the 1PHT poultry feed production line with with compact structure.

Poultry Feed Production Line
Chicken Feed Production Line

After the test running of the customized poultry feed production line, the result is beyond the expected effect, and the customer sent photos to us, saying the poultry feed production line is amazing, and he would like to set up another machinery about fish feed production line.

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