how much cost to setup fish farm business in Nigeria

Factors affecting the cost of fish farming

The cost of establishing a fish farming business depends on many factors, depending on the choice of the farmer. Therefore, you can adjust these factors to meet your pocket estimates for your farming business. Some of these factors include.

Breeding type: Many farmers specialize in hatchery and fish fry production. Some farmers buy fry to grow them to table size, and some sell them to smokers and grillers. Prior to this, they are raised to the mixed stage (300 grams to 500 grams). The amount of feed used to raise fish depends on the stage at which you want to raise them and will also affect the cost of your budget.

Type of fish feed: The type of feed you will use will determine the cost of raising your fish to table size. In this regard, you can choose to feed your fish natural foods, supplements or commercial feeds. Instead, most farmers learn to produce their own fish feed to reduce the cost of buying it.

Pond Types: There are many types of ponds that can be used for start-up farming, including: concrete ponds, earthen ponds, plastic ponds, and tarp ponds. However, each of these pond types has its advantages and disadvantages. However, when considering starting a fish farm, it is best to start a trial operation with a tarp or earthen pond. However, earthen ponds are ideal and inexpensive for locations with natural water sources.

How Much Cost To Setup Fish Farm Business In Nigeria

Existing Assets: This includes commercial sites, water sources (free or paid), used simple plastic water tanks, etc. Therefore, it is important to place the pond in a borehole or where there is a mineral water supply to reduce the cost of purchasing pond water.

Proposed size of farm: The size of the pond, the number of fish and the type of facility will affect the estimated cost of starting a fish farming operation. In other words, the cost of personnel, the cost of the floating fish feed pellet mill, and the cost of all other labor factors will depend on the size of the pond. However, in this article, I will detail how to start a small fish farming business. At least you will expand when you try to learn the basics of fish farming business.

how much cost to setup fish farm business in Nigeria

3mx2.5mx1.4m per pond. Consumes 210 blocks per pond and 30 blocks per bag of cement. So, 210 x 10 = 2,100 blocks. 2,100/30 = 70 bags of cement required. Therefore, cost = 70 x 200 = 140,000 naira.

4 uses of sand = 8000 x 4 = 32,000 naira.
2 gravel strokes = 32,000 x 2 = 64,000 Naira.
Personnel cost = 180,000 naira.
Plumbing cost (inlet and outlet equipment) = 100,000.
Drilling cost = 500,000 Naira.
Treatment cost = 60,000.
High breed juveniles cost 30 × 10,000 = 300,000 naira.
The cost of rearing from day 1 to maturity is 200 bags of foreign feed = 1,000,000 naira.

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