sinking fish feed making machine making sinking pellets

Ring die sinking fish feed making machine is a large pelletizer designed to make animal feed pellets and submerged fish feed pellets from powdered raw materials. This large pelletizer is the main equipment indispensable in the feed production process. It has a large capacity of 1-20t/h and can manufacture pellets from 1.5 mm to 12 mm, making it ideal for medium and large feed processing plants. The ring die large pellet mill is one of the most popular pellet mills in the world.

Compared to flat die pellet mills, ring die large pellet mills have increased complexity and higher costs and should not be as common. This large pellet mill can produce aquatic feed pellets, such as sinking fish feed. This sinking fish feed pellet mill can guarantee the quality of the final pellets produced. you can choose floating fish feed pellet machine to make floating pellets.

Sinking Fish Feed Machine For Sale

However, the ring die sinker fish feed pellet mill is the clear choice for large scale fish feed pellet and poultry feed pellet production for industrial or commercial purposes. As its name describes, this large sinker fish feed pellet mill has a wide cylindrical die and is mounted vertically instead of flat and horizontal like a flat die. When you want to put powdered ingredients into the sinker fish feed plant door, you can feed them with a regulating bin to pass them through the variable speed temperer. The auger is important for the final step of feeding the material into the pelletizer chamber.

The extrusion die is circular, vertical and contains a series of rolls. Both the rolls and the die run on a vertical axis, so that the inner and outer edges of the rolls are the same distance apart on the die surface. In this way, the raw material is not missed by the ring die and rollers, thus extending the life of the ring die and rollers. During the pelletizing process, the raw material is pressed into the holes of the ring die to make pellets. In addition to the ring die, a series of rollers cut the emerging pellets into equal lengths. The uniform pellets are then thrown out of the large fish feed pellet mill.

Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Machine

Benefits Of sinking fish feed making machine

One of the main reasons why this is a superior design to the flat press is that it is not affected by roll runout. Roll runout is a major problem with flat die pellet mills because there is a speed difference between the contact point between the rollers and the die. Ring die systems do not experience this problem because there is no difference in speed between the die and the rolls in any position.

Advantages of Large Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Mill

• make pellets from different raw materials: Our ring die large pelletizer can process softwood, logs, branches, bark, sawdust, corn meal, grass meal, straw meal, bone meal, hay meal, straw, peanut shells, rice hulls, etc. All materials are actually verified by our customers.

• Large capacity: Large ring die pelletizers are designed for large enterprises, such as the production of commercial animal feed pellets. They have large capacities ranging from 1 to 20 tons per hour. Larger capacity pelletizing plants can be achieved by connecting multiple ring die pelletizers in parallel, in which case you can reach a pelletizing capacity of 20 tons per hour.

Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Mill

• High density: Compared to the flat die pelletizer, the ring die large fish feed pelletizer has a much higher pressure and therefore produces denser pellets with a smoother surface. The higher the density, the higher the burning value.

• Cost-efficient: Our ring die large pelletizer with German bearings and oil seals is more stable than other pelletizers. In addition, compared with small pelletizers, both edges move the same distance during the pelletizing process, so the drums and dies wear evenly, saving replacement parts.

specifications of sinking fish feed pellet mill




Feeding power



die inner diameter



HMK-2500.5–1 t/h22kw

0.55 kw

2.2 kw

250 mm

HMK-3202–3 t/h37 kw0.75 kw2.2 kw320 mm1.5–8mm
HMK-3503–4 t/h55 kw0.75 kw2.2 kw350 mm1.5–8mm
HMK-4004–5 t/h75 kw1.5 kw2.2 kw400 mm1.5–8mm
HMK-4205–7 t/h90 kw1.5 kw5.5 kw420 mm1.5–8mm

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