which pellets are good for goldfish? Sinking or floating?

There are two kinds of fish feed pellets: floating fish feed pellets and sinking fish feed pellets. Generally speaking, for different kinds of fish, we feed them with different types of feed pellets. Each of these two different types of feed pellets has advantages and disadvantages.

advantages and disadvantages of floating fish feed VS sinking fish feed

feed typeadvantagesdisadvantages
sinking fish feed
Sinking Fish Feed
more economical
easy to manufacture
water stability of less than an hour
cause water pollution in long run
better to feed in winter when fish come out of water
floating fish feed
Floating Fish Feed Formulation Ingredients
Waste reduction
Convenient observation
Reduction of diseases
Improves Feed Utilization
A Wide Application Prospect
more expensive to buy
equipment more expensive for manufacturing
floating pellets

Sinking or floating pellets for goldfish

When it comes to goldfish, the scene is quite different. There is some disagreement among experts as to whether it is better to feed floating or sinking pellets to fish. But basically from my own experience it’s best to use the submersible kind, because goldfish are a voracious pet and usually rush for food, and in the fuss of grabbing grains, they end up sucking air in their stomachs. When they eat a big meal. What you can often notice is that the air sinuses get trapped in their faecal secretions, and the prolonged condition is sometimes blamed on the goldfish’s pertussis. So my advice has always been to use strictly soaked food pellets for your goldfish.

Sinking Or Floating Pellets For Goldfish

however Unless your goldfish are sick or sensitive to buoyancy problems, both floating and sinking food will do just fine. If you have sensitive fancy goldfish, I highly recommend soaking dry food before feeding. Dry food expands as it absorbs water. If your goldfish eats a pellet before it expands, intestines may get clogged.

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