Small feed manufacturing line for poultry and animal feed

Poultry pelleted feeds are made from different ingredients, and the combination of various ingredients can meet the needs of poultry for various nutrients. Green feeds are mainly used to supplement vitamin deficiencies and generally do not exceed 30% of the mixture. Such as fresh green vegetables, alfalfa accounted for 20% to 30% of the mixture, commonly used foliar green feeds such as corn leaves, alfalfa leaves, etc., accounting for 5% to 10% of the mixture.

Protein feeds are those with a protein content between 30% and 65%, usually accounting for 5%-30% of the mixture. Commonly used protein feeds include soybean cake peanut cake, soybean cake peanut cake and several others, which can account for 10 to 20 percent of the mixture. Compared with fish meal, a high-quality animal protein feed, can be added to the mixture of 5% to 15%. Cottonseed cake is usually added to less than 7% of the mixture because it contains toxins.

Corn, bran, barley and sorghum are 45%-70%, 5%-30%, 15%-20% and 10% of the energy feed respectively. As for rice bran, which is often used as a supplement, the amount added to the mixture generally does not exceed 8%.

The above raw materials for poultry feed pellets are easy to buy and cheap. the price will be much higher if you buy feed pellets from market. In contrast, it is cheaper and more convenient to buy a small feed production line to make poultry feed pellets.

A small feed manufacturing line for home use usually contains 3 machines, a crusher and mixer, a screw conveyor and a pellet mill. the feed manufacturing line can do the crushing, mixing and pelletizing. This pelletizer equipment can minimize labor consumption. The pellets made by the feed manufacturing line have smooth surface, moderate hardness and deep internal maturity, which can kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. Most importantly, the feed quality is clean and hygienic. It can not only meet the nutritional needs of poultry, but also effectively reduce the feed cost.

Feed Manufacturing Line

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