solution of floating feed pellet not float and not discharge

Puffing machine as a special equipment for the production of puffed feed floating fish feed, in use more or less will encounter some shortcomings. Today, the analysis of the causes of non-discharge or abnormal discharge, and give the corresponding solutions.

Feed pellet puffing machine does not discharge. Mainly manifested as normal production, or when the machine is just turned on, there is no material at the main die head.

The main manifestations are too fast discharge speed, over-expansion or non-expansion.
①The moisture content of the material is low.

Solution: Add Moisture Content
②The temperature controller is out of control.

Solution: replace the temperature controller
③The screw of the feed extruder is worn.

Solution: replace with a new cut segment.
The reason for not puffing: the temperature is too low. Solution: Adjust by skill request.

solutions of floating feed pellet extruder not discharge

①The particle size of the food extruder is coarse.

solution: Sabotage to Skill Request
②Turn on and add less water.

Solution: Add water to the skill request
③The main motor of the feed extruder is reversed.

Solution: change the phase sequence of the main motor incoming line
④There is residue in the barrel that has not been drained.

Solution: stop and clean up before production.
⑤ The temperature is not balanced.

solution: adjust the temperature according to the skill request.

Making Fish Feed Ingredients

The feed extruder does not cut the material normally. The main performance is that the product is not puffed and may have burrs.
Reason: The single tool space of the extruder is too large or worn. Solution: Adjust or replace from scratch.

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