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As we know, the original design of straw pellet making machine are used for processing feedstuff. But through our client’s feedback and diligent research, straw pellet mill machine is applied in processing wood sawdust, straw, different kinds of stalks, grass, etc.This straw pellet making machine has the advantages of low price, low consumption, high capacity, etc.It is a good choice for small farm family. And this sawdust pellet mill is one kind of energy source machines which can process wood sawdust, wood lump, etc agro-waste,biomass pellets, and fuel pellets.

VTKLP series straw pellet making machine use the extrusion pressure between the roller and the flat die, and use the friction between the raw material and the die holes. the diameter of the final fuel pellet is 6–30mm, the length can be adjust automatically according to your own requirement. straw briquette machine is base on biomass crop straw as the main raw materials like corn stalk,wheat straw,rice straw,sawdust and so on.

Actually, this kind of wheat straw pellet making machine is designed on the base of flat die pellet machine. This straw pellet mill is a special equipment of compressing above such materials into blocks. Straw pellet making machine is used in compressing biomass stem class, also known as biomass briquette machine.

Biomass Pellet Machine

Application of Straw Pellet Machine

the rice straw briquette machine is widely used to make fuel pellets for gasification furnace, heaters, hot-water boilers,industrial boilers,and so on.

Features of Straw Pellet Machine efficient
2.High cost performance
3.High production capacity
4.To change the die with diameter of 2–6mm, the sawdust pellet machine can be used to make poultry feed pellet.

Process of The Raw Material

If you would like to make best pellets,please do it according to the following workmanship
1.long crop straw and stalk have to be crushed first to change the structure of the the materials. To destroy the fibrous tissue then it is easy to use the straw briquetting machine to produce pellets.

2.When using straw briquette macine to process Sawdust and peanut skin into straw pellet, the diameter of the final pellet is best 10mm, applying in gasification furnace, heaters, hot-water boilers,industrial boilers,and so on.

3.After the raw material is crushed, please adding water of 15–25%,then blending the material and fermented for 7–15days. In this way, the final pellets produced by the straw briquetting machine looks smooth,good quality,and high production capacity.

Biomass Pellet Mill For Sale

Parameter of Straw Pellet Mill





power (kw)




capacity (t)












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