new video of making straw pellets and animal feed pellets

this is our new improved blue color pellet mill which can process grains like corn meal .sunflower meal, wheat straw meal, stalk meal ,soybean meal and so on,
the pellet making machine is mainly used to make animal feed pellets, for chicken, duck, sheep, cattle, and also good for nimal bedding, the feed pellet making machine can process final pellets size from 2 micrometers to 10 micrometers , the pellet making machine can also process soft wood sawdust into pellets,

Straw Pellet Mill For Sale

the moisture requires at 6% to 10%, and the raw materials for the pellet making machine must be in powder form.
the pellet making machine is very suitable for home use and small poultry farm use and medium poultry farm use,
our machine production yield arranges from 30 kilo grams to 2000 kilo grams , you can choose easily among these machines, and we also supply you the spare parts at any time to ensure your machine works well.

We strongly devote ourselves to time delivery and best service in each product we at anywhere in the world. so, the continual improvement in the services and quality is our big main responsibility of every employee in our company

Straw Pellet Making Machine

Application of straw pellet

1.Straw pellet for fuel
Straw pellets are considered as a natural renewable source of environmentally friendly fuel. One ton pellet fuel usually left only about 8/10 Jin ash content after consumption; there is no smoking during the whole burning process.Fuel pellets can be used for both boilers of individual houses and industrial boiler houses.

2.Straw pellet for animal feed
Straw pellets is a good pellet fodder for animals. It’s pressed at high temperature,which through tempering and gelatinization treatment. The pellets are dried in and out, so that the pellets have a “grass flavor”,which is an ideal food for all ruminant, cattle sheep,horse and rabbit .

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