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Many farmers employ people to shell corn with bare hands, which is a labour-intensive exercise. But here is a corn sheller machine that does that work in seconds and with high capacity.

Corn sheller machine are designed for gentle separation of maize kernels from the cobs and removal of rachis. They find application mainly in the seed processing sector, where maize cobs are harvested as a whole unit. In the processing plant, the machine is positioned after husking and cob drying. The maize sheller removes the kernels in the gentlest possible way by rubbing the cobs against each other without any risk of harming the germination capacity of the sensitive maize seed.

Small corn sheller machine for farmers’ use and corn sheller machine price is affordable.

Large capacity automatic maize sheller is supplied for corn processing factory using .Automatic maize sheller machine price is higher than small size but with much higher capacity.

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