Corn Peeling Machine For Removing Maize Skins From Corncob

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corn peeling machine is mainly made up with screw rollers and rubber rollers,which can in effect remove the skins of corn,shucking rate can reach to 96–98%,borken rate is below 1%,loss rate is below 2%.the maize peeling machine will not break the kernels when removing the skins,and it just only need 2.2–3kw,which is very suitable for small farm or home can automatically adjust threshing mouth which can greatly reduce the labor of farmers when shucking corns.

corn peeling machine

The capacity of the maize peeling machine can get 1~4 tons/h, the shucking pure rate is more than 98%,The corn peeling machine can be driven by electrical motor,diesel engine and tractor etc.after peeling the corn you can use corn threshing machine to remove the corn kernels from the corn cob,or using a multifunctional corn peeler thresher to process the maizes at one time.the maize peeling machine saves labor,saves money,low energy consumption,high production capacity,which is best choice for farmers

shucker machine roller shucking machine parts

features of maize peeling machine

1.the machine is adopted high intensity steel structure to increase use life time

2.shucking clean,high efficient.running stable,high production capacity

3.the corn peeling machine can be driven by diesel engine motor or electric motor adopts four rollers,two screw rollers,two rubber rollers,to avoid breaking kernels

5.the rollers are far away from the feedig hole,which is much safer,

6.the rubber roller is wearable and high effect.

maize peeling machinecorn peeler

data of corn peeling machine


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