Corn Seed Planter Machine Best Sale Seed Planting Self-walking Type

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this type self-propelled corn seed planter machine is a kind of multifunctional small seed planter,just only one person can operate it,which is very suitable for small land,dry land farm use,the seed planter machine can drill corn seed,wheat,soybean,peanut at the same time fertilizing,weeding,ditching,ridging and so is driven by diesel engine or gas engine,do not need any electricity it has compact structure,easy adjustable and wide adaptability.this type of seed planter is very suitable for small farm land, another type suitable for small land is manual corn planter which can also seed peanut.

Features of self-propelled corn seed planter

1.the height and length of the handle can be adjusted according to your own use,anyone can use the machine

2.advanced aircraft plowed design,there are adjusting holes in the inclined support plate which can adjust the ditching depth for adjusting different grain seed planting depth.

3.fertilizer hoper can hold 5–50kg fertilizer according to your demand,fertilizing can be single line or double line,changing planting hopper can drill kinds of grains seeds.

4.the self-propelled corn seed planter machine can drill corn,wheat,peanut,soybean,cotton seed, etc

5.the spacing between row and seed can be adjustable according to the crops growing requirement.

seed planter self-propelled planter machine

Data of self-propelled corn seed planter

Product name

Self-walking corn planter






7hp air-cooling gasoline engine or 6hp diesel engine


Hand start

Plant row

1 row / 2 row







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