Deliver 2 Sets Diesel Chaff Cutter Machine To Vietnam

On 18th,Dec 2018,we have sent 2 sets diesel drive chaff cutter to our Vietnam customer .Our this customer own one cattle farm ,so he wanna use chaff cutter machine to cut corn stalk,rice straw and some other green forage for cattle feeding .his farm is a bit far from city and it’s not convenient to use electric motor ,so we matched 6 hp diesel engine for him.

Diesel Chaff Cutter Machine

Victor brand Chaff Cutter can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine or petrol engine,which is widely used for cutting fresh (dry) grass, fresh (dry) corn stalk, wheat and rice straw, cotton stalks, other crops straw and etc.It is the best choice for family or dairy farm to breed animals, such as cow, sheep, deer, horses, rabbit, etc.This chaff cutter machine can be driven by different power,such as electric and gasoline and diesel engine.

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